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    I stopped at a rummage sale yesterday because I saw a few baby items out. I stop at these types of sales whenever I can in hopes of finding older diapers or plastic pants for sale. Most times I walk away disappointed but yesterday I walked over to a table that had old baby blankets, crib sheets, etc. and to my amazement there was a pack of old large sized goodnites! I took them over to the lady to pay for them, she said "one dollar please" and I was on my way. When I got home I was happy to find four large,crinkly, thick goodnites (1998), two smaller boys pull-ups, and one size 5 blues clues Luvs! I love rummage sales! The last good find I had was about a year ago when I came across some old XL gerber plastic pants. Just wanted to share, thanks for reading.

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