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Thread: Heated bottle and sterilizers

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    Nope. Your immune system can handle having your bottles washed in the sink or dishwasher; they don't need to be sterile. A bottle warmer sounds like a waste of space if you have a microwave and stove.

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    Got to honest, I have a bottle warmer next to my bed. I usually read for a while when I go to bed, so I pop a bottle of milk in the warmer and about 20 min later when I'm just ready to nod off I have a nice warm bottle of milk ready for me. I do the same on a weekend when I have a lazy morning, just reach out and grab the bottle that I prepared the night before and drop it in the warmer for a while while i snooze for a bit. I know I'm just being lazy but it sure beats getting up and going downstairs on a cold morning to warm some milk for my bottle. I dont have a sterilizer, I just use the sink as normal, but every few weeks I give my bottles a soak in sterilizing fluid anyway.

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