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    Can someone tell me how to beat Ursula in Atlantica on the game Kingdom Hearts I keep hitting her with the thunder spell but nothing happens so then I go and try to sword fight her and she spins and I die, a few pointers on how to beat this boss would be nice

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    It's been a long time since I played KH1, but I remember Ursula being really annoying. Try this strategy as suggested by

    This battle is absolutely annoying. Not only will Ursula spin all over the place like there's no tomorrow, but her lackeys will also be there to bug you as well. So don't bother with close-range combat. Well... not until you stun her. Cast magic on her cauldron. If the liquid from the cauldron hits her, your screen will flash. This will not only damage her, but will also leave her stunned. Thus, giving you enough time to damage her further with your physical attacks. Once she awakens, repeat the process. Just be patient and you'll win eventually.

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