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    Smile Diaper dream

    Last night I dreamed I was wearing for the first time in over a year. I had no worries, no troubles, just diapers and me.

    What do you think this could mean?

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    That it's time to make the dream a reality, your head is telling you to indulge in that pleasure again because it and you enjoy it.

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    Don't fight it! Lol. Just wear one and enjoy the feeling

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    I don't happen to think dreams mean anything in and of themselves. You've got diapers on the brain and they showed up in your dreams. How you reacted to it might be somewhat more meaningful but I wouldn't read too much more into it than just knowing it was on your mind.

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    Well, it still means that I have diaper in my head...

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    When I dream about diapers, it's because I'm moving into a serious binge feeling. Dreaming tonight about diapers means I'll be in a diaper the next night.

    Several nights ago I had the weirdest diaper dream. When I was in college, my mom discovered my stash and sent me to a residential mental facility where I had to talk to a psychiatrist. I should add that I was having a lot of other problems, drugs, suicide attempts and finally a psychotic break. The dream must have been a regurgitation of this, many years later.

    I dreamed I was back there, but as a resident, and I had a woman psychiatrist. I had no memory as to who I was or why I was there. I seemed to be young, maybe 16. I asked when I was getting out and she just laughed, saying I was never leaving. I said if I was to fall asleep, I would have to be diapered. She had an orderly put a stack of diapers and plastic pants on my bed, which was in a large room with many other beds and young residents my age. When I got there, they started making fun of me, calling me a sissy and a baby. I didn't care and began to put on my diaper. I felt insane, which was how I really felt when I went to the facility in RL.

    Our brain will dredge the damndest stuff from the past. It knows our deepest desires, our wants and needs. Your dream is obvious. Like others have said, enjoy a diaper. I sure do.

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    I think its about time to wear a diaper. When I havent worn for a while I normally have dreams about them. Although now I am a little paranoid because there have been a couple where I have gotten caught with them by somebody

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