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    Well I guess it's time I post here and stop lurking. I'm into the AB side of things more than the DL side. I espcially enjoy reading the stories and writing some myself. I live in NZ but travel a lot. When I'm not working I enjoy board games and pub quizzing as well as playing PS3 games (mainly COD).

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    Hi there bf. I like reading and writing too! How long have you been writing? NZ is beautiful by the way, you're so lucky to live there. Any favorite board games? Although it's technically a card game, mine is probably cards against humanity. Also, I like Gloom and Fluxx...

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    Fluxx is a great game ;-)

    Hey bf!

    Am glad you have been finding reading the stories interesting. Some of them are good aren't they? I do read some of them but I'm not much of a story writer.

    What is it like in nz? I might travel there one day.

    What work do you?

    Enjoy your stay
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    New Zealand is a pretty cool little country, but I don't live in the part most people picture when they think of it. Generally people think of the mountains or rolling green countryside you see in Lord of the Rings. But I live in the country's biggest city, Auckland, which has over 1/3 the entire population of NZ. It's nice to visit the rest of the country, it is stunningly beautiful, but I'm a city boy, couldn't live out there without my 24 hour supermarkets and such. Also Auckland is cool because it's very multi-cultural, nearly half the population made of immigrants from all over the world, and it's got great beaches and a cool volcanic landscape (there are 53 dormant volcanoes in the city). The downside is NZ in general and Auckland especially are among the most expensive places in the developed world to live. Don't let the price put you off visiting though, NZ really is one of the most amazing travel destinations you could visit and I don't say that lightly, I've been around the world a couple times and NZ still is right up there on my list.

    As for board games, I like Risk, Scrabble, Monopoly most. I generally play on a weekly basis with a core group of friends. I've been writing for myself since I was about eleven and did my first public story in 2007. I enjoy writing, but often fail to finish what I start because I want to move on to a new idea and tire of the old one. It's the conclusion I struggle with, because I want it to live up to the build up and find it tricky to differentiate from previous stories of the same genre.

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    WAHHOO another Kiwi!!! Welcome! I see ya from the Jaffa Lands, I am down in the 'Naki... tho visit Auckland from time to time as generally get most of my supplies from up there.. Not only Naps, but South African Supplies for my partner and I love to cook Japanese so the Japan Mart in Silvia Park rocks.

    Its great to see more Kiwi's on here. It is always great to talk to someone alike to talk about things alike.. as that side of my life is closed. Only my partner knows and its kinda how I want it to be.

    BUt in all, WELCOME!

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    Good to know there are other NZers around here. Thanks for the welcome, Kiwi_sin! Yes, I'm a jafa alright, just another fantastic Aucklander! Taranaki is the one part of the country I've never personally visited but I often have to fly back and forth to Wellington for work and pass right over the 'Naki. From the air it looks stunning, like the whole place was designed in some Peter Jackson workshop.

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    Hey there, welcome to ADISC, hope you enjoy your stay here!
    I'm also in Auckland; it's nice to see another local

    I also play quite a few board games, as it's one of my partner's big hobbies. My favourites at the moment are probably the Arkham Horror and Game of Thrones board games.

    ~ Puppyluvs

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