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Thread: You like Boxers or briefs?

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    Default You like Boxers or briefs?

    Recently, I spammed the forum and got banned.

    Feel free to discuss where you like boxers or briefs, though.
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    I'm a fan of boxers, they seem a bit more comfortable on my end than briefs, where it's essentially just around the crotch area instead of around the top of the legs.

    I dunno, I just feel a bit more awkward when I'm wearing briefs, which is weird since they're shaped kinda like diapers xD

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    I hate being "loose" down there so I really dislike boxers. No support.

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    Briefs! And i wear them as diapers, i put 1 on then a towel, then 2 more breifs, followed by a tall kitchen garbage bag, with 2 diagonal cut outs for my legs, then my vynl pants, then my onesie!

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    I've never really worn boxers. I've had a pair or two over the years, but when I was growing up (60's/70's) boxers were the ugly thing your father wore. Boys by and large wore tighty whities but colored regular briefs were beginning to become popular for the adventuresome (they looked like tighty whities but not white), only a few of the guys in the gym class locker room dared wear them. By the time I was in college, the bikini and other skant briefs were getting popular in the stores. My underwear drawer is full of just about everything (silk men's low rise, men's bikini briefs, men's thongs, victoria secret second skin panties and thongs, a few interesting things from, etch.... ) BUT either boxers or straight tighty whities.

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    simply for the following reason:
    I'm IC... and mostly wear pads or pull ups (sometimes diapers, depending on the situation) during the day... over the pads I wear either mesh or specially made tight fitting pants to hold the pad in place.
    Now the loose boxers over top and even if I have to undress, usually no one's the wiser (gym...)

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    Almost hard to believe nobody has gone after the joke inherent in this...

    Boxers or briefs?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnalogRTO View Post
    Almost hard to believe nobody has gone after the joke inherent in this...

    Boxers or briefs?
    Boxers or briefs you ask? I like boxerbriefs.

    I can't stand regular boxers, the seams in the crotch are a little irritating. The fabric is definitely not the softest.

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    Briefs all the way! I'm not fancy about either, I like whities...especially the ones from JcPenney. There aren't enough guys my age who wear them.

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