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Thread: Accents You Love Hearing

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    Default Accents You Love Hearing

    Which accents spoken by our diverse world population do you adore? I personally love Aussie, English, Welsh, Scottish, New York, Boston, and Russian accents. Music to my ears.

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    I love them all in personal conversations. The two stories I have is 1) being told in Texas that I have such a nice accent, 2) "Problem with yall from the Nothwets is yus talk to dang fast"

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    i like the brooklyn accent a LITTLE, and the yorkshire accent, hmm, the new york one too, i dont like the aussie one, or scottish, or russian D: they're doufy.

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    I love hearing Scottish or Irish accents, though down here in Australia I hear the latter way too much to really appreciate any more. English accents (all of them) I'm really indifferent to.

    Always love hearing a South African or one of the Caribbean accents.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lewney View Post
    i dont like the aussie one
    Which one - broad, general or cultivated - and from which region? There's a lot of different accents around Australia.

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    I enjoy listening to Russian, Scottish, Irish, Polish and German accents. Though the accent I enjoy the most is the one I have, the Yooper one.

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    I guess I could say I'm a sucker for a good Tennessee drawl. My last GF was from there and along with her personality and the fact that she was already cute, it made her Irresistable! She was also exceptionally cuddly.... I also love me a good Aussie accent, and their slang fascinates me to no end!

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    I'm a constant lover of scottish and irish accents. One of my best friends has a bit of an Irish accent in his voice and everytime he speaks I love hearing it.

    I also love Japanese people who have the Osakan dialect, it just sounds awesome to me :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by reddawn2988 View Post
    I enjoy listening to Russian, Scottish, Irish, Polish and German accents. Though the accent I enjoy the most is the one I have, the Yooper one.
    Yoopers are awesome! I spent many summers as a kid in the UP. My favorite line is "Going town" witch is shortened from "I am going into town" Haha. amazing! It's truly a unique accent coupled with it's own dialect.

    I have a penchant for the Swedish or French accent.

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