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Thread: Your Housing Situation and DLism

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    Default Your Housing Situation and DLism

    I was wondering about other DLs living situations. I know there are a good many people here still at home with parents and quite a few on their own and some in between. I was curious to see the distribution and perhaps what affect this may have on your DL habits.

    I myself live with my college roommates in a single family house that I own. So while its my own house obviously I still exercise the utmost caution when it comes to indulging in padding. Only in my room, preferably when nobody is home.

    The reason I specified a difference between apartment living and house living is simply because the two are greatly different in terms of privacy and space. I have lived in apartments before that have walls about as sturdy as a wet paper bag and anything above a whisper is public knowledge. Thus the differentiation.

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    just realized I forgot about those that may be wed or otherwise living with an SO... Not sure how to edit a poll though...

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    Retired and like it that way. Don't answer to nobody but myself.

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    My wife and I own our own house, and it's even paid off....woot woot! She understands my infantilism so all is cool. She even gets her Ipod to read me "little" stories before I go to sleep. Sometimes I'm diapered and sometimes I'm not, but it's my decision which is cool.

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    I live at home still (college student), but nobody knows about my diapers. There is a false wall in my basement, and I currently have roughly 550-600 diapers stashed. I have been wearing 24/7 for the past few weeks, but it seems like for every diaper I wear, I buy two diapers to replace it. The worst part is getting the diapers that I buy (I only buy baby diapers/pull-ups) from my vehicle to the basement. I get up at 3am in order to go to work and after that, school, so usually I have to wait until then. It's also a great time to sneak the used ones out of the house.

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    I picked the second to last option because I'm renting a house with my brother. I have as many diapers as the bottom drawer of my dresser can stash, to which I installed a hidden latch so that it is difficult to open. Sometimes I manage to go to bed diapered, but mostly not; but when I have the house to myself, I don't waste the moment.

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    I live in a house with my parents who don't know about my dlism. What's worse is that I don't drive. It has to be about the worse situation for an ab/ DL.

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    I have an apartment to myself. In fact, I have generally avoided having roommates in no small part because I consider the privacy worth the extra cost.

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    At the moment, I'm living with my parents. I will be housing at Clemson University next year, though, with roommates.

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    I chose "other" because mine is mixed. Until recently, I lived in a studio apartment in student housing in Philadelphia. Soon I'll be living in a one-bedroom in student housing in New Orleans. In the interim, I live with my parents in the bedroom I grew up in. My parents don't come in my room (helps that I'm 28 and otherwise independent) to snoop, but occasionally come in for things they keep in storage in the closet. As long as I keep my diapers in their place (bag under the bed), there's little to no risk of being discovered. If I want to use a diaper, I put it on when I go to bed. It comes off and gets tied in a supermarket plastic bag in the morning and tossed under the bed. These go into the house trash the night before it goes to the curb.

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    Other -- House with wife, kids, cat, and guinea pig.

    The cat and the guinea pig see me in diapers every so often and don't seem to care. My wife has not seen me in diapers, but knows I wear diapers in private and doesn't mind. My kids know nothing about my diapers, and I plan to keep it that way!

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