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    are these still good diapers? I have not worn them since 2011 and i was wondering if there are still really good

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    I wear them and have had almost no problems. The only gripe I have is that they tend to clump after a few wettings.

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    When I wear, it's generally Abena X-Plus. They serve me pretty well, though I only have experience with the L4s, and only wear occasionally. The main thing is I can't wet while laying down without leaks, but I think that's more due to user error than the diaper itself. After all this time I'm still trying to figure out how to tape these things just right to fit my body.

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    yeah i used the L4 back in 2011 and the front kept leaking as it had tiny holes in the front of the plastic i have been with dry 24/7 and been all good but i wanted to give abena another shot

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    Still one of the best but not quite as awesome as they were half a decade ago.

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