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Thread: Favorite dress and night gown?

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    Default Favorite dress and night gown?

    Fess up, ladies! Let's hear it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by FanFan View Post
    Fess up, ladies! Let's hear it!
    you first.... lol

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    I want a (new) favorite dress...and I don't use a nightgown...I have a black Teddi, and a red velveteen dress...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marka View Post
    I want a (new) favorite dress...and I don't use a nightgown...I have a black Teddi, and a red velveteen dress...
    i have always slept in the... natural.... but i would give five bucks to see you in that black-teddi, Marka.
    (bring in the poll and start the music.. )

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    I have just ordered a full length satin night dress with matching knickers that will go over my nappy. I'll post pics when it arrives. I have also expanded my daytime collection to include some new Maryjane shoes
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    a new pink dress
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    I can't wait!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by littlelodgewrecker View Post
    i have always slept in the... natural.... but i would give five bucks to see you in that black-teddi, Marka.
    (bring in the poll and start the music.. )
    ~gasps~ Fiver!!

    Yeah I'm a natural sleeper too and my favorite dress is this
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    ~grabs the popcorn and starts the music~

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    I regularly wear a red velour nightshirt my wife gave me for my birthday many years ago so I guess that's officially my favorite. When diapered I have a lavender satin baby doll with matching satin covered plastic panties.

    Dress...that's a hard one. I've got some that I really love: my wedding gown, cheerleader uniform. As for regular dresses, I guess it would be a silver runched shiny dress I bought a couple of years ago.

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    I just recently bought a satin nightie I have not been able to wear yet, but I can in a few days and and it is short and I will have fun wearing diapers with it. I plan to alternate that with a sleep set I bought a while back every night when I get back to college in the fall.

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    As far as a favorite dress I have yet to pic one,
    As far as sleeping it is either just my diaper, plastic pants and their cover as I wear cloth basically all the time, and possibly a onesie or romper if it is cool weather, but most of the time just the diaper combo it I am in Florida, and for the most part it is warm here the only time I close my window and reduce my fan is a about 3 non linear weeks worth of days from November through april it is Mid and we hit 87 degrees on Friday it is now 12:41AM on saturday and it is still 70 degrees outside, with a projected temperature of 86 degrees today with a strong chance of thunderstorms.

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    Default My most favorite dress:

    It took me a long time to gather the courage to seek out someone that could make me a dress. Even more daring was having a dress styled after a babies so when I did find someone I was thrilled. I found a woman in Canada in the early 90's advertising through a Transsexual magazine called Tapestry. When I asked her to make me a baby dress she was intrigued enough to agree and from there we began a phone/snail mail project. When she asked me what style of baby dress I hadn't given it much thought. With this being my first dress I wanted it special and classic baby or toddler girl.

    A smocked bishop dress is one of the most traditional garments for babies and little girls so it had to be one of those. For a bishop dress to be authentic, it must be smocked by hand at least at the neckline. In order for mine to be an authentic baby dress we settled on a slightly heavier brocade satin where the smocked yoke would be. However, instead of smocking the sleeves I wanted ruffles and lace. Most bishop dresses look somewhat similar but you'll notice that the baby styles are often shorter so the babies or in my case an adult men can around on their knees or when standing show off their ruffed panties. Oh, and it all had to be pastel pink:

    I started with the panties first deciding on a bloomers style panty that would easily cover a generous cloth diaper enhanced with soakers. My fabric then was a 100% polyester slipper satin picked for it's silk softness and often used for wedding and bridal gowns. Across the back I had her add four generous layers of gathered lace to later match the hem of the dress. Dead center of that lace she placed a very delicate bow of Taffeta satin to hold it's shape. For security and soggy diaper she used thin layers of panty elastic for the legs and waist. I love the swishy sound gowns make so she added a layers nylon chiffon "inside" the panty to slid over the baby pants. It's always been a nicely erotic sound when it's slowly being moved.

    Next came the slip and while this was a break with baby dresses I wanted one. We designed the slip so it actually would be part of the dress but look similar to an adults slip as well. What I got was a fixed strap nylon bodice with the edges trimmed in a very cute baby lace till it met the tiny petticoat. There was a layer of taffeta, with organdy while against my legs a sheer nylon. It wasn't so much intended for volume as for swish and touch and getting as many girlish layers as I could on one outfit.

    With the slip done we started on the dress. Bishop or float dresses have little or no waist. The dress had a rounded collar with a single white pearl button at the back to close it. The bodice fashioned with the brocaded satin stopped short of my own breast to join with the skirt. The skirt was a slipper satin but I had a layer of sheer nylon added to where that skirt and bodice joined. It was exquisite when you drew your hand over it and the sheer organdy nylon held the sheer lace that circled the dress.

    I had the same lace across the bottom of the panties, gathered and circling the arms and strips of it added to the baby shoes. With the dress, slip and panties down I added a very cute bonnet held in place with long ribbon strip of satin. That same satin was used to fashion two bows with streamers on either side of the dress over both legs and another that tied into a bow at the neckline.

    When I went out in my outfit I carried a plastic covered diaper bag in pink, a baby blanket of nylon and batting and one a doll of satin pastels called "baby's first doll". Of course I carried a baby spoon and fork, two bottles of juice and diapers in case got to stay overnight somewhere. Goes it's amazing how easily my heart rate can climb
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