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    Hey everybody, Its Dwhite, you probably don't remember me as I wasn't a huge poster before what I assume was a stressful time here. but now that I just turned 18 I'm back. So just to say a little about my self, I'm a high school senior and I'm heading off to college in Michigan this fall. I'm a huge swimmer and during the winter finished All-State, I also like to play tennis and sports in general, I'm a very active person. I love listening to Electronic and Dance music and basically live on Pandora. And my last passion is cars, I absolutely love cars, my live would revolve around cars if I could make it do so.

    So its good to see you all again, I meet all the new people, and reconnect with the older members.


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    Hi 18er glad to see you back we missed you.


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    Welcome back!

    If cars are your passion, then there are many ways you can pursue a career that has you involved with cars all the time. You can be anything from a corner shop mechanic to an aerodynamicist. My advice: stay in school, study hard, and get your hands dirty.

    Stay dry and happy!

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    I'm always glad when I see one of our under 18 members return. I'm a motor head too, and once had a couple cars built for the 1/4 mile track. I had a dream the other night where I was driving a '32 roadster, and now I have the bug again. My wife just sighs. I told her if my novel sells big time, we're buying a new house with multiple garages so I can get a hot rod, just so we can drive around playing Beachboy music from it.

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    Good to see you back! It's good to see some of the members we lost in the purge returning. Since you're into cars I encourage you to join my group.

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    Welcome back Dwhite! I'm glad to see another 18 yr old return. I hope can get active and enjoy your stay here. I'm glad to see your about to graduate high school
    and go onto college. Wish you all the luck.

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    I recognized your avatar before. I'm glad a past minor has returned!

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