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Thread: Is this sizing truly accurate, by anybody's experience with Molicare?

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    Default Is this sizing truly accurate, by anybody's experience with Molicare?

    XP Medical - Adult Diaper Sizing Guide

    I'm working towards getting in better shape and trying to take the plunge and buy mediums instead of large diapers for a better fit (large always come up sooooo high...)

    I see Dry 24/7's and Molicares are listed as a bit bigger medium size range. Is that really true?

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    Dry 24/7s are absolutely bigger. Their mediums used to be their large. They bumped everything up one and eliminated smalls. I find mediums a bit too big on me as a result but it's really a matter of personal taste. I know someone who is skinnier than me that is fine with them. I haven't noticed much sizing discrepancy with Molicares. I don't wear them all that much but it's certainly not as noticeable as with the Dry 24/7s.

    If you're working down from a large in anything else, I'd be very surprised if a Dry 24/7 medium wouldn't fit you fine. However, sample packs are always the way to go when possible since even if it does fit, there might be some other detail about them you find objectionable.

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    prior to the introduction of the airy type Mollies, all-in-one Mollies were of a smaller fitting than the stated fitments would suggest.
    if you were to choose the [all plastic outer] Molicare Super Plus (an age-old design), i'd advise going for a larger size.

    but, it's really the same problem as ever: you need to try before you buy.
    no mass produced clothing item is ever going to properly fit all people.

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    I can only tell you my experience. I'm a waist size 32 (inches) and I pretty much go medium on every brand/type.

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