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Thread: My "FURst" Furcon - Fur-EH, Edmonton -

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    Default My "FURst" Furcon - Fur-EH, Edmonton -

    Well... Just had a totally great 3 day experience! On arrival at the hotel (a local Hilton) the very first full fursuit I spotted was another raccoon! A very promising omen There was one red panda and other masked\ ring-tailed folks

    Strawberry Neko was the GOH

    and Marci gave a panel on drawing cub faces; I commissioned a badge by her and am waiting for the mail with bated breath. New avatar soon.

    There were nearly 300 attendees, a quarter of them in fursuits (most of the rest wearing a tail (one person with 2 tails.)) The dance Saturday night was packed. Hotel booze was pricey but there was unlimited free pop No consuite or cubhub but both these notions were raised at the "hiss'n'purr" - the post-con gripe/ suggestion panel - and they are under serious consideration for next year; Fur-eh 2014 will feature shinigamigirl as GOH
    here's her website:
    Userpage of shinigamigirl -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

    Best thing was the atmosphere: everyfur having fun, massively good vibe of welcoming and acceptance. By far the best con I've been to, and I've been to several science fiction cons in the past. A shisha hookah appeared out back Saturday night, and the several drunkenfurs all imbibed happily. Strangers (most especially the con staff) were great at showing us how to act while suited, teaching by example.

    There were several babyfurs, though you really only could tell by a close look at the badge (except for one or two in sleepers at night.) No hating on the babyfurs detected. No misbehaviour on their, or any furs' part either part either; Fur-eh being welcomed back to the hotel next year is not in question.


    So yeah; that was my experience. Now, please tell me all about YOUR first furcon experiences: the good, the bad, the ugly, and most important: the funny.
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    Glad to hear you had a good time. 300 is a pretty tiny con, but is a great place to start. Do you have plans on attending anything bigger? Might I suggest Rainfurrest if it's not to far out of your way. It's in Washington State near Seattle/Tacoma. It is a pretty babyfur friendly con, in fact I think it's the most accepting out of the bunch.

    My first furcon I was so nervous, I had never done anything like it before in my life, it was Rocky Mountain Fur Con. I don't remember the first fursuit I saw, but I remember the feeling inside when I did see it. It was an almost surreal out of body kind of feeling that made me completely happy. It was after seeing how much fun fursuiters had that I decided I was getting a fursuit. My roommates made me feel welcome and I hung with one of them most of the con, acting mainly as his handler. I have roomed with him several more times including again this coming up RMFC.

    I don't remember seeing any babyfurs or at least none that stuck out. The weirdest thing I saw was a guy dressed as a fairy in a asian schoolgirl outfit. I want to say the total number for RMFC 2010 was around 800 or so. Didn't have any issues with the con, it went pretty much as I expected and better.

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    I lost my "furginity," as I've heard it called, at Furry Connection North. It was one of the only local, as in located within the same state, furcon that I thought I'd be able to go. I almost didn't even go as I was too nervous to even ask for a ride or a room. Finally with the help of liquid courage I ended up asking a guy for a ride. I later ended up getting a room with some fellow diaper/babyfurs, a feat I've yet to repeat.

    The best part of FCN, for me at least, was the free and unlimited beer. Craft beer from local microbreweries no less in keg form. FCN is often described as "drinkers with a furry problem" by those that attend. The atmosphere was awesome and friendly and I met quite a few new friends that I still keep in contact with. I ended up hanging out with a few hosts of a furry podcast 'Furcast' and met a fellow milfur that was going to school in the same town I lived in.

    Despite the entire con being a blast for me, two things stand out in my mind. The first was the first day of the con and I was at the heels of the guy I got a ride with, I was scared out of my mind. I ended up chatting it up with Uncle Kage, I had no idea who he was as this was basically my furry-baptism by fire. The second occurred during the charity auction. A gentleman who put a winning bid in for a package that included a shock collar proceeded to try it on and test it out at the auction. He was shocked out of his chair and into the middle of the aisle. The event was even recalled during Uncle Kage's story hour the following year.

    The only bad experience was the roommates I had developed concrud halfway through the con and the con itself ending.

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    My first con was FCN this year and I had a blast. Not only did I see my first ever fursuit up close, I went for my first time in my own fursuit that was completed the day before the con. Though I wasnt able to drink as Im under 21 until july, my roomates also happened yo be diaperfurs. I also managed to keep my "furginity" as red calls it, though my roomies seemed to be getting laid at least twice a day..... Usually when I was either trying to sleep, or trying to retrieve something from the room. I now understand why they call it yiffing. Its not only the sound that foxes make when they do it, but also people in fursuits....
    Anyways, next year Im bringing booze!

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    Suppose I could clarify what I meant when the fellow fur claimed I lost my "furginity." He simply meant that I went to my first furcon and was no longer a furcon virgin, thus the loss of "furginity." Though I have had the "don't come to the room for a bit" text before myself.

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    It's nice so hear that you had a good. Personally, I'll be attending my first furry convention at What the Fur in Montreal, next week.

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    Oh Fur-Eh .... horrible music , the worst "fudge" from the dealers den I have ever consumed in my life , but you were bang on with everyone being there to have a good time !

    Its nice to be at a smaller con getting to know everyone .... and finding the same people again without too much work. Also the gas fire pit .... I do not know of another con that has one of those!

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