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Thread: What would you like to see if the next SSB game?

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    Default What would you like to see if the next SSB game?

    Although I don't think any Nintendo crew or their developers would ever see this, it would be awesome though. They asked for input from people in Japan for Brawl but not in the USA.

    Yesterday, while playing Brawl I realized how stagnant its starting to become. I was a Junior in High School when Brawl came out in the Spring of 2008. I still have to conquer the game on All Star and Classic with all characters on intense but what would you like to see in the next SSB installment?

    1. Characters you'd like to see in the game
    2. What you'd like to see for Adventure Mode
    3. Who you would like to be the narrator
    4. Courses you'd like to see
    5. And music you'd like to hear in the background


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    I'm sure a lot of people would want to see the Blue Bomber Megaman join the smash. Maybe add the first stage of Sigma's castle from Megaman X as a course in adventure mode.Since Namco is helping Nintendo, plz plz plz Namco, add Lloyd Irving to the roster, it makes perfect sense, Tales of Symphonia was a timed Gamecube exclusive and the first Tales game to be on a Nintendo system. Also, to cut down on clones, add in more characters as alternate skins in addition to pallette swaps, like have Daisy, the REAL Daisy be an alternate skin for Peach and Dr. Mario for Mario. I also came up with the best stage idea ever. Ok, maybe not the best but I think it sounds pretty cool. I call it the Nintendo Museum Arena. Since SSB4 will be oin both Wii U and 3DS why not have exclusive versions of that same stage? for example, on the Wii U version, imagine your favorite characters brawling on a scrolling museum of Nintendo home console history. First you battle inside the game world of classic Super Mario Bros. on a CRT TV hooked up to a classic NES system, then it scrolls to an all out brawl on a TV screen with the original Starfox playing in the background with a SNES set up in front of it. Then you could brawl on a classic SSB64 stage played by an N64 on the stage. After that you move to a newer TV with a random Melee stage as the main arena played by a Gamecube present on the screen, then move on to a random Brawl stage played by a Wii, then finally, the coup de grace, brawling on a stage of New Super Mario Bros. U inside a Wii U game pad, then the cycle repeats with a random game or stage each time it cycles through. Did I mention you can fight on top of the actual consoles as a secondary arena if you want? The 3DS version could the same thing except the brawl could take place in various games inside the actual handhelds. Imagine fighting on a stage of Super Mario Land on the original Gameboy, or Donkey Kong 94 on the Gameboy Pocket? How about fighting in Mt. Moon from Pokemon RBY ona Gameboy Color screen, or an area from Four Swords on a GBA SP Screen. You could then top it all off with a chaotic brawl on DS Pictochat and 3DS Swapnote. the possibilities are endless, the things I want to see in SSB4 would probably be too big for me to list.

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