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Thread: Two things about diapers and travel.

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    Default Two things about diapers and travel.

    Hello everyone.

    Being the spouce of a college professor I have my duties also. The big one is Arm trophy and travel companion. In this case it was private driver, but in flying situations it is so she has something to dig her fingernails into during takeoffs, landing, and turbulance.

    Lession one: When one packs and hides one stash from the nosey mother-in-law, make sure that the lid to the baby wipes is closed tight. If it is up against a birdseye cotten diaper it will wick every drop of mosture out of the baby wipes and have a never ending spring time freshness.

    Lession two: A good reason to not wear a diaper when staying in a motel one must remember that fire alarms will go off, especially if one is at a professional conference that is attended by children that just graduated form college and thought it was funny until confronted by 60 "tierd and thought they would have a quiet night for them selves" floor nurses.

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    Ha lesson one made me giggle a lil bit :0

    now i know how to make a sented cloth diaper

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    I travel constantly and I find the do not disturb sign that I carefully leave on the door and the instructions I leave at the front desk don't always keep room service out. I really feel violated when room service comes in and takes my trash and sometimes has even placed my clothes and diapers on a shelf so they could make the bed. My wife says I should just be happy that I do not have to take out the trash. Also changing at a rest stop is pure horror for me. If anyone has any suggestions on how to reduce noise during changing in stalls please let me know.

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    If you're far away from home, don't worry about it in rest stops. Anybody who might hear/see will likely never see you again.

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