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Thread: links/resources for therapist?

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    Default links/resources for therapist?

    I am looking for links/resources that might
    be helpful to my therapist in understanding .

    I've told my therapist and she has taken it well
    so I asked her if she would like me to share some
    links/resources. But I am at loss on this. I would like her
    to understand it better from my view as a non-sexual
    regressive AB. I would like her to understand that
    this is a big part of me but I don't know how
    to enplane it.

    Back story.................
    If you read this please don't be to harsh
    PTSD make vulnerability vary hard for me.
    I am seeing a therapist for early childhood
    Complex post-traumatic stress disorder (C-PTSD)
    and I am a shut in. wikipedia is a good sorce if you
    want to understand (C-PTSD) better.
    She knows that I am a non-sexual regressive AB
    and I have tried to explane a little of it to her .

    About 3 secessions ago she asked if I had a place
    where I felt safe and relaxed. I told her about my
    giant nursery and tried to explain that I define myself
    as a non-sexual regressive AB. I even showed her
    some pictures of my giant toy collection.
    I avoided telling her more than that for me it's
    about getting into the "head space" than anything
    and that for me it was non-sexual.


    Last secessions she asked me what
    do I relay want if I could have anything.
    At fist I didn't know what to say to her.
    I started off with stuff within the
    realm of reality.

    I told her I wanted to go back to school
    and get my life back, be the person I was before
    the C-PTSD.

    She wanted more.
    I think all the hesitation told her
    there was much more.

    I told her if anything where posable
    would want back the childhood that was taken from me.
    That I wanted to be able to trust and love again
    the way a child dose (outside of age play).

    I told her if anything where posable
    I told her I want to understand what it feels like
    to be a child and not have my understanding of
    what love and trust is violated. That way I could
    understand that the world is not as dark as my
    personal experience has informed me.

    Then I told her if ANYTHING where posable I would be
    want to be 2 years old again raised by a family that
    would nurture me rather than take advantage of
    my innocents.

    She took all that vary well.
    Said she would like some links/resources
    when I offered them. She reassured me that she feels
    we can get that person back that I was before the PTSD.
    She asked me if we could use some dolls of her's in
    therapy next Monday.


    STILL (out of shame?)
    I have never explained what regressive
    "head space" feels like to me, or how I don't
    feel like I have the same inner adult other people
    seem have. I never explained my dislike and lack
    understanding of many adult behaviors and activities
    Or my enjoyment or how much I miss many things
    that I am sure most adults would find childish at best.
    And I don't think I could stand the shame of telling
    her about the paraphernalia and how it makes me

    I am a little frighted that when/if I
    tell her how much of my life revolves around this
    this she might think me seriously disturbed.
    I differently don't want to use the word dysphoria
    as in (age dysphoria) seeing how that is not a recognized
    diagnosis and I have no way of knowing *I* have it
    IF there is such a thing.

    And I have C-PTSD from child abuse to
    complicate things more. I have no idea if the C-PTSD
    and abdl stuff are related because the child abuse
    was from age 1ish to 18ish, the age play stuff
    definitely started at 5 or so, and the regressive
    "head space" stuff started in my 20s.

    There was much in tiny's thread that I
    identified with. But that was personal to him and so
    I don't think I will share that. There is a lot here on
    But I did volunteered links to help her understand
    it from my own perspective party because I feel like my
    words are going to fail me.... and I feel lost.

    I thought if I could find links/resources
    to give her it would sort of give me another voice
    to speak with. adisc that I could share but I would
    neaver want to violate anyone's privacy.
    So I am still stuck for links.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ShellyBelly View Post
    Its very much a classic, so you might have already seen it, but as far as I know Understanding Infantilism is probably your best bet. Its what my parents ended up seeing back in the days and it was helpful, for what its worth.

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