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Thread: New "Monsters U" Pull-Ups?

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    Default New "Monsters U" Pull-Ups?

    Has anyone tried the new "Monsters U" themed Pull-ups training pants? I just saw a commercial for them, but my local Kmart didn't have any yet. I will have to wait until Thursday, I'll be going to a larger town - I'll check at Walmart. Looking at the commercial it seems the sides are different. I wonder if they are stretchier or more sturdy? Lately Kimberly Clark has been making stretchier products. Just tried the new Little Movers 6, and I can actually get those to fit around my waist (29-30 in) with a little stretching and without extenders! They also smell just like Cruisers when they are first wet, and hold a decent wetting. They are much softer too. I'm wondering if these new pull-ups are softer as well. Guess we will know Thursday. I will post pics when I get them, but if someone already has them or can get them sooner than me, I would love to see what they look like!

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    Interested too, its one of my next purchase, probably in June, I love to have Pull-Ups around, even if I can't properly fit in them, I modify them somehow with the velcro sides of ne I extend the sides and I manage to fit in them, they are nowhere at the right place, but I can wet them quite a lot and its fun...

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    If you take the front part of the sides of the pull-ups, they make great extenders for those who can't fit into a pull-up as-is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by grst View Post
    If you take the front part of the sides of the pull-ups, they make great extenders for those who can't fit into a pull-up as-is.
    This is my trick, its not going to make it longer so it won't fit properly on most people, but you can wear it and wet it and still be protected (do not flood them, they aren't going to work for adults, they are designed for little ones after all) but its surprising how much the nightime version can hold vs the learning designs or cool alert version, its almost twice I think.

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    I found a pack at Walmart. They are Cars AND Monsters. I will post a new thread with pics!!

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