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Thread: Need some guidance.

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    Default Need some guidance.

    So here's the deal.

    I've always had a certain interest for diapers and took a lot of pleasure in wearing them but, during the past year, something changed. A lot of things happened in my life that forced me to change my life-style: studies, trips, family issues, etc. This has greatly limited my opportunities to wear.

    Today, I still have that deep down DL interest...but, each time I get the chance to wear, either I chicken out or I feel...ashamed of wearing and end up throwing the diapers away. I really want to wear again but my head plays tricks on me each time I think about it.

    This has been going on for quite a while know and I'm really tired of such a tormenting mind game. And so, I humbly come to you, asking for your guidance.

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    I can totally sympathize with you. I have dealt (as have many members here) with those exact same feelings on multiple occasions. I can say with 100% certainty that wearing diapers is not a shameful thing. If you want to wear, do it. We all have our little quirks (for most of us here, that quirk comes in the form of cushy, absorbent underwear). Accept your quirk. Love yourself.

    It can be hard to just let it go and relax (no pun intended), but I think you'll be a lot happier if you do. I realize this is much easier said than done. Part of it comes down to understanding that the stigma associated with diapers is a societal thing. Society has had a lot of dumb ideas over the centuries (segregation, shoulder pads, boy bands). Don't feel obligated to listen to it on this one. How you behave in your own, private life is your business (as long as you aren't hurting yourself or anyone else).

    So Crinkle, get some diapers, grab a drink, and have fun.

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    I had this issue when I took a break from diapers. The one thing that solved it was buying a fresh pack, putting one one, and remembering why I originally enjoyed wearing diapers. I had to get in the mindset 100% before I was comfortable again. It took some time, but now I'm back to where I was.

    Don't get discouraged, and remember that we're always here for you.

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    There's also the fact of hiding it from my parents that kind of bothers me. If I could find someone in my vicinity that shares the same interest as me, I'm sure it would help me a lot.

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    I think many ab's and dl's for different reasons lose interest for a while or become bored and go through binge and purge cycles
    many do eventualy start enjoying the ab/dl life style again.
    hang in there

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    Thanks for the support, I really appreciate it. There's also one thing I've always been meaning to try...a onesie. The problem in that situation is that I can't receive such a package at home.

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    CrinkleGamer, as others have said, you just have to come to the realization that your guilt or shame is driven by what surrounds you, there is nothing wrong with wearing diapers but we live in a world where they consider it "wrong", but this is also the same world that thinks gay marriage should be illegal >_< don't listen to society and let your colors shine.

    As for meeting people in your area, go to different sites and look in your area, honestly ive been searching for people for a long long time and only now (about 9 years later) have I found maybe 1 or 2 people who I don't even get to hang out with normally, its not easy but you gotta hang in there and really search like crazy.

    As per the onesie, i guess you'll just have to wait it out until you can have it shipped somewhere... maybe you can tell a friend that you want to send a package to their house because you dont want it to get lost when it gets to your house or something, you dont have to tell them what it is :P they wont open it. Or you can get a P.O. Box

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    As far as it concerns the onesie, how about a post office box, if this exists in your country. So another place where you can receive your letters and small packages, besides your parents home, as already mentioned.
    Or maybe another person, which you trust, could perhaps receive your package? Or maybe if your parents are away, so if you know it some days before. You can always ask some shops, if they'll send it at a certain day, so you're receiving it 1 or 2 days after, exactly... some are that nice .

    Anyway, about your problems... hm, got no advice really. I guess, just take it easy. Only wear some diapers if you really feel comfortable about it. Maybe you got a certain time at the day, where you're more relaxed or open for ab/dl stuff, perhaps for the night time? Although you may be kinda distracted to get some sleep in the beginning (again)

    Or perhaps a way around, so wear one, while you're doing something distracting. I don't know into which things you are, but I would just take something easy, like watching a really good movie, or playing a fascinating game, which keeps you focused.

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    Quote Originally Posted by daLira View Post
    Or perhaps a way around, so wear one, while you're doing something distracting. I don't know into which things you are, but I would just take something easy, like watching a really good movie, or playing a fascinating game, which keeps you focused.
    That's a pretty interesting trick, I'll be sure to use that when I try wearing again.

    Concerning the postal box, it's kind of tricky. It's not cheap and I'm not really sure it's the best idea. The possibility of having a friend receiving the package is even more unlikely. The people around me are very curious and I don't trust people enough to send them a package that is so linked to my true nature...

    On second thought, I'll gather some info about a postal box and plan something from that point on.

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    As far as having items shipped. Just find a local ups store and deliver it there. They will hold for pickup. They will also charge you for the service. Also FedEx can hold items at local FedEx stores for free. Just use the tracking number and change the shipping instructions online.

    Beyond that. Be discreet but most importantly, have fun. Your nervousness will temper over time.

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