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    Hi everybody! Just want to ask a question to the baby diaper fans out there; have you ever tried the euro pampers 6 from 1998? There are some for sale on eBay right now ($25/diaper!!), and I would love to try to wear one if it would fit. I can fit rather easily in current size six pampers but I'm afraid it's only because they are SO stretchy. The pic makes them look HUGE, and I know they're bigger than current pampers but I would be heart broken to convince my wife to let me buy one, pay the crazy amount and not have it fit.

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    Link? IIRC, the Euro Pampers switched over to cloth-like before they did here in the US. If these are the cloth-like ones, I'd say they likely won't fit and won't be nearly as stretchy as the current baby diapers are. Either way, $25/diaper is WAY too much to pay for a diaper, IMHO.

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    They are plastic backed, and it is definitely price gouging but I'm willing to pay it for the authentic pampers experience. It seems strange to most, but I want to re-create a specific scenario. I was just wondering if anyone else has had experience with this particular diaper.

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    Damn, sounds expensive!
    I have a few left, plastic cover but with cloth stripe tape band for the velcro fastening.
    Not stretchy at all, not like todays versions, but they are larger than todays diapers.

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    I enjoy collecting buying and selling / trading vintage baby diapers and training pants.

    I have had an experience with these diaper. I actually found 1/2 a bag in an abandoned house years ago. They fit me just fine and were comparable to good nites in size (much bigger than current size 6's)

    I was amazed at how much they hold.

    Enjoy your vintage diapers!

    $25 is alot for a diaper but considering how rare these are people can ask whatever people are willing to pay!

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