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Thread: Losing Weight to Fit into Medium Diapers instead of large.

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    Default Losing Weight to Fit into Medium Diapers instead of large.

    I realize that the concept of Fat Loss is entirely different from Nutrition, and that when simply leading a life of proper Nutrition, Fat Loss will happen naturally.

    That being said, I have seen a nutritionist and it was highly advised for an obese person with a sedentary lifestyle, the best thing to do in order to start detoxing and losing excess fat while still retaining the most vitamins is to eat foods with the most nutrients.

    This means it was advised for me to do the following:

    -Drink 8+ pints of water a day, (this is for my own weight, others will likely be less)
    -Eat predominantly Protein, Then Fats, and Avoid Grains and Sugars altogether
    -The only carbs I will want to consume are from fresh produce - vegetables and fruits.

    Exercising of course, very mildly with zero impact exercise, (I did get a big-movement-range elliptical and it's great), and lots of stretching advised.

    A huge tip I was given from my nutritionist as well, is to only buy foods that are one ingredient; If I want to buy meat, buy fresh meat at the counter. If I want nuts, beans, and seeds, buy in bulk as fresh as possible from a reputable local store.

    I have started doing this, and by gum, I went from 291 pounds to 262 pounds in about 7 months. Slow and steady, sure, as I find although my nightly heartburn is gone, no longer having gallstone attacks, and not being fatigued anymore are great perks, but in 7 months, I should have lost a lot more weight - as I still have an addiction to SUGAR and starchy snacks.. ugh.

    I find myself cracking every couple days from eating very good fresh quality foods to always wanting crap food - chips, fast food, et cetera. It's a tough addiction to crack. I'm not completely depriving myself of carbs either, apples, bananas, lemons, berries, etc. are in my diet so I'm far from Ketosis, which of course is a much more efficient state to burn fat but not great in the long run, not truly nutritious.

    I was curious if anybody might have some Sugar- Crave-Kicking tips, as the whole point of this .... although overall nutrition is great, is that I would find it greatly rewarding too, to be able to for the first time in my life, fit into medium diapers, say... an M4. That's my dream diaper to buy, but right now the best fitting diapers are Sadly - either Depends Overnight plastic-backed Large, or Attends Large.

    Problem is, The Depends Large Overnights Tabbed diaper standards aren't high quality at all... and the Attends 6-tabs large fit nice in the thighs but just go up WAY too high, and have no leak guards.

    I have a waist size of pants/shorts of about 42-44 inches atm, and I am wondering what weight / size I may have to be realistically to fit into an M4 or a Medium Attends.

    I can't wait, any tips would be greatly appreciated!

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    A good idea might be to always wait 2 minutes before acting on an impulse to eat sugary food. Always 120 seconds, no more, no less. Give your mind the time to evaluate the situation. Give yourself 2 minutes to think whether you really want to do what you are about to do.

    By doing this you counteract the impulsive part of your psyche quite significantly. Impulses for things like sugar usually get the better of us because we don't engage any of our thought with our value system - instead we just act on the impulse straight away. By the sounds of things part of your life's value system is 'to avoid sugary foods'. If you take 2 minutes to think before doing this then you might be able to recall your values and the impulse might subside.

    This method is about discipline. It is important to always wait 2 minutes and it is important to always reward yourself when you adhere to your values.

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    I have viewed several charts for what my build and weight might seem to be (not a hard solid chart, just a guide) and as a 6'1.5" tall, medium/wide shouldered male, it seems a feasible weight may range between 175 to 205, depending on again, build, muscle mass, etc.

    As I have very little muscle mass, I'm hoping that it's still considered acceptable / reasonable for me to be able to reach waist size 34". If I do reach my goal of that, what kinds of medium brand diapers might I hope to fit in perfectly?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cuteshylaugh View Post
    I was curious if anybody might have some Sugar- Crave-Kicking tips
    no tips really, since i'm a sugar-freak myself, other than to learn to savour the natural flavours of things. it's surprising how naturally sweet some things are, once recognized (bear in mind that i was that kid who put sugar on his Frosties).
    and obviously, temperature affects how much and what kind of flavour comes off a food/drink. a room-temperature coke is a good example of how different something can taste (in this case, you could say that a 'warmed' coke is the 'real thing' and that coke served chilled is done so to purposely lessen the flavour because it's not really that nice a drink).

    anyway, i never thought that i'd get over not having sugar in my coffee, but now, i can't stand sweetened coffee. even a milky coffee (coffee made using milk only) is pushing the sweetness for me.

    well done, on the weight loss. slow and steady is usually best if it's a lot you have to lose as it gives the skin time to shrink. i've seen plenty of people come to hate their saggy skin as much as they hated being overweight and they've then the temptation to 'just fill out a bit'.
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    I can't recommend interval training highly enough. I'm the trimmest I've been since my early 20's thanks to it.

    all you need is a controlled routine of exercise as follows:


    Intense running for a minute or two, followed by a few minutes walking, followed by a few minutes of intense running, followed by walking etc. The important thing is NOT to run or walk for great periods of time and NOT to stop until you are really pooped. The body breaks down muscle tissue to manufacture stronger muscle when you maintain exercise at a controlled speed; to begin with however, it burns fat. So if you keep it second-guessing, it will continue to burn fat rather than focusing on muscle. This, in turn, should help to speed up your metabolism.

    sensible portions, keeping an eye on fat intake are both helpful. Keep up a good diet with, say, 20 (and eventually 30/45/60) minutes a day of interval training and you will lose a hell of a lot of weight in a hell of a short space of time!

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    Dont base your diaper size on your pants size. The manufacturers are lying when it comes to waist sizes in pants. I wear a 36 waist with 31 inch length Levi's but if you measure I have a 42 inch waist with 43 inch hips. I'm 6'0 and weight 211 pounds.

    I am dead I between sizes in Abena. I fit M4's but their a smidge tight. I also fit L4's but they are a smidge large. If I were more like 200 I would likely fit much better in M4's.

    They say Bambinos size large are a little smaller than most which happens to be just right for me. Bianco's are currently my diaper of choice when it comes to overnight protection for bed wetting. Never tried Bellisimos though. I don't much like the baby prints.

    Point being... Measure your hips at the widest point and your waist at its most narrow with a cloth measuring tape. Diaper manufacturers are expecting you to use the larger number of the two when deciding on which size to get.

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    I recently went on the back surgery weight loss plan. I've lost a few pounds as I had a much small appetite after surgery. On a more serious note, I started eliminating sugar from my diet several years ago when my dentist suggested I switch from sugar to Splenda for things like coffee. I drink a combination of cranberry juice and ginger ale in the evening, and I switched my cranberry juice to the cranberry Light. I use more cranberry juice than ginger ale and that has eliminated some sugar. I also have switched from a bowl of ice cream at night to weight watchers ice cream, which has about 100 calories a bar. I also ride my bike on our bike trail to burn calories and carbs.

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    Many thanks on the interval tip! I'd heard of that method a couple times in the past, but never have embraced it. It does make sense, rather than having your body just "maintain" over 20 minutes at the same speed, to push it fast / slow.

    No wonder I never see tennis players / racquetball players and other burst-speed sport athletes who aren't in great shape lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jsaur View Post
    The body breaks down muscle tissue to manufacture stronger muscle when you maintain exercise at a controlled speed; to begin with however, it burns fat. So if you keep it second-guessing, it will continue to burn fat rather than focusing on muscle. This, in turn, should help to speed up your metabolism.
    Hum, are you sure about that ?

    I'm not telling you're wrong but I never heard such exercise help to burn fat faster than the other.
    What is true however is when you run at a controlled speed, you'll build "red muscle" (type I skeletal striated muscle) that helps you maintain activity for a long period of time for small force exercice (typically what a marathonian would build) and if you're doing what I used to call "explosive activities" (sprint, martial arts, fighting sports, tennis, ..) you're building "white muscle" that helps for short exercise imposing great stress on your body muscle.
    Thing is, I learned that red muscle consumes fat and carbohydrates when white muscles consumes sugars.
    Plus, "white muscle" are actually what makes muscle looks big. So, if you're looking to get a few pants size down, I wouldn't recommend those sports at first.

    So, I think you've got your reasoning upside down. (I didn't check, iit's only what I recall from grad schools and my years doing wushu)

    But, if you're looking for a good way to shape your body with a bit of visible muscles while reducing your weight, doing both kind of exercise is the key.

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    Some say it's sad or silly for me to hold the reward as a better fitting diaper, and I should really be trying to get in shape for my overall health, and I indeed am.

    I guess I just need to wave a carrot in front of myself to help with this irritating crap-food addiction.

    It's so frustrating, addiction. As much as I KNOW what is nutritious whole food and what isn't, I still find myself doing what I know isn't healthy every couple days.
    I've gone 2 days without a sugar binge, and I'm told if I don't give in after a few weeks or perhaps a month, it will be much easier, once getting past this hump.

    I really, really want to get myself into those M4s

    In the meantime... is there any diaper of quality one might suggest for a guy who wears size 42 shorts?

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