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Thread: If you could have anything in the world...?

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    Post If you could have anything in the world...?

    ...but it had to cost less than 30/$50 to acquire, and it couldn't be something soppy or relationship-based ("a hug from my husband", or something like that) - it has to be something that has a physical form, what material object would you desire the most? What would you want more than anything, what would make you "happy" in those guidelines - or, at least, make you smile? And no diapers!

    TL: DR; What cheapo physical thing do you want more than anything right now (that ISN'T ABDL related)?


    I'd get about 5 of flour, 10 of unsalted butter and 15 of Lindt chocolate, or varied jams. I'd make sooooo many yummy shortcrust pastries it would be unreal. <3
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    Either a new trem/vibrato system for my squier stratocaster or a set of the staggered single coil pickups from guitarfetish. Or another RC helicopter, got my first one yesterday and I'm addicted! Or perhaps even a yomega maverick yoyo. Yes, I do have a lot of whacky hobbies, and those three are only the tip of the iceberg. I think I could get away for $50 or less on each one.


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    as much fuji instant film for my polaroid land camera as 50 dollars can get me.

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    A Gerber Clutch, to replace the multitool I lost. Either that or maybe a wireless xbox 360 controller.

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    a really cute and girly present for my sis, Robin..... (soft smile)

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    That's tough to answer. $50 is not a lot. I would use it to pay for my registration to go to Midwest Furfest this November.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FauxPas View Post
    That's tough to answer. $50 is not a lot.
    That's the whole point. The restricted nature of it focuses on more immediate goals, things you'd want and could have feasibly rather than daydreams of huge mansions and houses like everyone would post if they had "5 million" to spend. You'll get a lot more varied answers in a topic like this, trust me. :P

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    Right now, a pair of jeans that actually fit so I don't walk around looking weird and can knowledge my weight loss by seeing smaller size jeans fitting me.

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    50 dollar mansion
    all i could really think of was food, but i think i'd get some tools, like screwdrivers and other stuff, for computer repair, or maybe a set of knives.

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    As FauxPas said. Fifty bucks isn't much but I'd put it towards a footed sleeper from Pajama City.

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