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Thread: update on progess in being able to pee in any position

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    Default update on progess in being able to pee in any position

    I stopped wearing a kitchen garbage bag to totally prevent any leaking. What I found was once I just accepted the fact that yes I would have accidents with a full diaper on that would result in leaking and not to care if that happen a lot of my fears seemed to fade away. The resluts of this has been that now sitting down and feeling the urge and just letting go has become so much easier. When I am in the car now and feel the urge the flow just happens. I also found this is even making laying in bed and letting go easier too.

    I know lots have posted about the mental changes that are needed to be able to let go in a diaper at anytime anywhere. It is very difficult to retrain I have found but mentally just accepting the fact that accidents will happen and that is just the nature of wearing diapers has helped me tremendously. Getting over the hurdle of not worrying or prehaps not caring really made, for me, a big difference.

    I also found that wearing diapers at work, out shopping, etc - really no one notices or cares. I was afraid at first but as I started wearing in public and enjoying the feeling of peeing with others around me the fear went away and was replaced by pleasure and a desire to do it more often. This has now led me to just about wearing 24/7 and that has resulted in me feeling the urge to pee very strongly just as soon as i put on a diaper.

    I hope my postings about my progess is not to boring for everyone.

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    I'm glad you've able to achieve being able to go whenever and wherever you want as it is what you wanted. I do think you are right that just accepting that accidents are going to happen a massive step in being able to let yourself go. One question though, if you were not to be in the diapers, are still able to be in control if needs be?

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    Yes I am able still to control if I need to. I do find that the more I wear them the more that I do have leaking events. None of the leaking is major, just enough to have wet or damp panties. I am hoping that by continuing my wearing and enjoyment that as time goes on the leaking events will go from minor to major leaking. It is a relearning process and I do realize it takes time. It took time to learn and probably longer time to unlearn I am guessing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jennycooper1948 View Post
    I hope my postings about my progess is not to boring for everyone.
    By all means, continue. This is one of the things that I, and a lot of other ABDLs, struggle with. I look forward to hearing about more about your endeavors.

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    Yesterday I did not wear the plastic garbage bag and yes indeed wet pants. Not that I really minded. Today I am in the mood to really go for maximum volumn and see how much coffee I can drink and how full I can get three diapers and three tena overnight pads. So I did put on the garbage bag. One thing about weariing it then putting on plastic pants is - oh my they are noisy - love it - and yes I am at work. Lucky for me I do have my own private office and dont have to go out of it often. But if I have to then so be it. GRIN - I am sitting here now and do drinking my forth cup of coffee - I have three more lined up on my desk (large size) - its going to be a fun day - Oh and yes I did not have any problem peeing while driving or peeing standing at the coffee house to get coffee. Now I am just leaking a small but steady flow - do enjoy the feeling of the pee flowing out of the urethra.

    For all those new into diapers do concentrate on really enjoying the feeling of the pee flowing out when you go - I find that helps lots in developing the techiniquie of being able to just do the constant dribble.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jennycooper1948 View Post
    For all those new into diapers do concentrate on really enjoying the feeling of the pee flowing out when you go - I find that helps lots in developing the techiniquie of being able to just do the constant dribble.
    I have to agree with you here. It is definitely the best feeling, even compared to the wetness afterwards

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    I'm still trying to figure out how to wet laying down. Any ideas.

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    Drink a heap before going to bed, like, far too much.

    When you wake up, needing to go to the bathroom, don't turn your light on, don't get out of bed, stay in bed, and ignore the bladder, then try to put the soles your feet together, so your knees are bent out, close your eyes and.. relax.....

    It does take time, alternatively

    Go to the bathroom, and once the flow has started, stop as quickly as possible, get back into bed, and do the above.


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    txdl20 - I also find it difficult to pee laying down. I have managaed since the last posting to really easily be able to pee while walking. I did find that one really difficult at first. Now standing talking to a group of people and peeing my diaper that is and was not only easy but super pleasing.

    What I have found helps is to lay flat of my back and with a full bladder try to relax. I then will put my hands just below my belly button and do gentle pressing. I have found that I can work up a slow pressing motion and soon start to feel the bladder telling me it is urgent that it needs to empty. Soon I find that the bladder will relax and open up and I feel the urine starting to flow down my urethra. I do so love that feeling of the pee starting to flow then finally starting to drip out. The next thing I know is I start to slowly pee (not a huge flow but slow steady flow) then the flow increases and next thing I know I can feel the pee covering my butt as I lay there in the diaper and the diaper swelling up.

    I have also now started to wear the kitchen garbage bag again and put the plastic pants over that. I find that the plastic pants over the plastic kitchen garbage bag does make more noise (which I also love). I find that if I cut the holes right that I in effect have blommers. So even if the diaper gets totally soaked and starts leaking it first has to get past the kitchen garbage bag and then the plastic pants. I will tell you I do enjoy the heat that that layering of two Tena overnight diapers and the bag and then the plastic pants produce.

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