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    Default business catering to abdl's

    I know there are sites out there to order diapers, but from what I've seen they are from the manufacturer. I also know amazon sells them as well but with them you take a hit or miss chance on discreteness. I am wondering if there is a place that has multiple brands that you can choose from and know they will be shipped discretely. Also is there anywhere that is dedicated strictly to ABDL's (diapers, onesie's, pacifiers etc.)

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    For disposables there are several IC suppliers out there that offer several brands. Most of them will offer sample packs of the various brands you can try.
    For the AB/DL sites out there normaly sell only cloth diapers along with plastic pants, onesies, pacis, bottles. Two of the sites I know of are Baby-pants
    and Fetware.

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    you can also order from Babykins, they're based in canada but their products arent too expensive and they are 100% ABDL friendly. They sell baby products for all ages from actual babies to adults and they have awesome cloth velcro diapers and booties xD, they have a few onesies and other things too.

    When i first placed an order with them i sent them a question on a form they have that asked my for my phone number (thinking i wouldnt get contacted) and a few minutes after sending the email inquiry, they gave me a call and i spoke to this super nice girl about which cloth diaper design was cuter ^_^ it wasnt awkward or anything, she was so helpful. They don't have any sleepers or pacifier but they have lots of different design and style cloth diapers, some booties and a few onesies and plenty of plastic panties and other plastic products if u want that.

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    Thanks guys! This really helps out. Time to go shopping

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