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    Was just doing some research on Attends. In my area (southern US), I typically only see Depends on whatever store brand option is available. Are Attends only sold in certain geographical regions of the US? Which is better: Attends or Depends?

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    I like Attends way better than Depends. Here is the link for locations Where to Buy Attends Products My favorite is the Attends Waistband Style Briefs. But I do miss the old style with the blue tapes.

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    If you can't find Attends available locally there are several online sites that sell the Attends Waistband Style. You can try HDIS, XP Medical. Northshore supply.
    those some off the top of my head. Most offer free shipping on case prices. Although some places have a small service charge for a order.

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    I find Depends marginally better than Attends but it's really more a case of the failings of Depends weighing on me less than the failings of Attends. Both are low capacity. Both are pretty inexpensive. Both have a plastic exterior and three tapes to a side. Attends are perhaps slightly higher in capacity but they also clump when wet far more readily than Depends in my experience and that's a big irritation for me. Depends has thinned out their plastic shell to the point where the tapes almost inevitably tear on removal. This is irritating but since it's at the point of removal, I can live with it better than clumping. It's a pity Attends took such a downward turn after the 90s.

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    Attends pulled out of the consumer market decades ago (about the time P&G sold the brand). They are sold only through medical suppliers (though those may be larger pharmacies), you won't find them stocked in the chain grocery/drugs. However, if you like, even your chain store (CVS, Walmart) can typically order them if you like. Of course, if you're going through that effort, as others point out, places like XP Medical, Cheap Chux, etc... will have a better price and ship free in most cases.

    As for the brand, Attends has about 5 different briefs on the market. The two "classic" style (with and without waistband) with the plastic back are primarily sold institutionally. They have three grades of their breathable brief (regular, extra absorbant, and overnight). I use quite a bit of the extra breathables. They're just the right diaper for wearing out for me (good mix of absorbency vs. bulk), and the velcro-ish tabs means that I can ditch out and use the toilet if I choose not to get poopy.

    I have found that attends like many other brands are a little wishful in their sizes. While I'm clearly in the MEDIUM range on their sizing chart, I find the large fits better.

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    I really like the Depends. Never tried Attends. They are thin but very comfortable and great for daily or night time use as long as you get the right size. I bought the large and thought they were good but the mediums actually fit me much better.

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