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Thread: Has anyone used DryDayz diapers?

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    Default Has anyone used DryDayz diapers?

    I saw a link for, they have all white diapers (they look like the all-white bambinos). Has anyone tried these?

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    I have!

    Admittedly it's the only diapers I have ever tried, and they were not from their site, but from (on the package when it arrived it says on, so I assume they are the same kind of diapers). Anyway, they do seem pretty good! At least in terms of absorbency. I've not tried any others, so I don't know how comfort/feel varies, but they can take what feels like a couple of litres before any leaking, and even then only very slight leaking. They really can take a lot. Hope that helps ^^. Oh and I've only ever tried the medium sized ones too.

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    DryDayz are just Cuddlz, marketed to incontinent people rather than AB/DLs. They're exactly the same product as Cuddlz plain whites.

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