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Thread: Accepting self to allow 'assistance'

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    Default Accepting self to allow 'assistance'

    I've been a bit of a diaper lover for a while now.. but as time is going on by, I'm finding more and more interest in the AB side of things. I have made myself a 'baby grow', from an idea from another post (cheers guys) and I LOVE it!

    Only problem now is that although my partner is aware of my like of diapers, and would be more than open to doing things with me; it is proving extremely embarrassing to talk about - let alone wear one around her or even change me!

    Have any of you kinda experienced this and any ways to kind of accept yourself and let your partner (or friend) play along with you without being so uptight of just the thought of it?

    P.S We are both female to save the confusion.

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    I have gone through a similar thing that you are going through, since my own embarassment and shy nature keep me from asking my Daddy for things I want, like bath before bed, etc. I just could not look him in the face and tell him what I wanted, the words would just stop right at my teeth and refuse to come out. Part of it is still my own guilt of putting myself into such a vulnerable state, and some is my embarassment from asking my vanilla boyfriend to be my Daddy.

    What I found helped me a lot was translating those things from direct requests into other forms that were easier for me to handle. Instead of asking him for a bath, I picked up some cute bath toys at the store and showed them to him. He asked me about them and I blushed so much, I think he got the picture. Another way I have given him suggestions or ideas is writing stories of small things like diaper changes or walks in the part, because I can illustrate the emotional impact it has on me and how important his role in the story is. Actually the last thing I did was to straight up write him a list! He asked me how he could do more to be a Daddy, since it doesn't naturally occur to him to do Daddy things with me. By giving him some tips and explaining why I liked them, he could choose what he thought fit him well and go from there.

    The first time he changed me (after the initial showing him the steps one) I thought I was going to faint from embarassment! I had to hide my face in my stuffed animal the whole time, but I got through it. It was the silence that killed me - I wanted to know he was okay and not freaking out - so I asked him to start talking me through the changes ("here we go!" and "almost done", just little things to help me along through it). I can hear his voice cues and know he is okay, and the reassuring words "thats a good girl!" make it that much more pleasant of an experience

    I hope this helped. You have to tell me what a 'baby grow' is though! I am interested to know now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tinybright View Post
    I hope this helped. You have to tell me what a 'baby grow' is though! I am interested to know now.
    Thanks so much for your advice. My partner has been trying to reasure me it's all ok, it's just getting past my own barriers lol.

    As for the baby grow, here is the post I was referring too

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    The best of luck and happiness to you. You have a rare and wonderful sounding relationship.

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