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Thread: Buying soon - looking for sizing opinions

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    Default Buying soon - looking for sizing opinions

    Hey everyone - I registered/posted a while back and have since fallen off the virtual earth, at least with this site. Anyway, I'm back because I have two Abena X-Pluses left and am looking to order a new pack of something.

    I generally like the Abenas. However, the mediums (which I have been wearing) rise fairly high on me... about 1/2" above my belly button. In whatever I buy, I'm looking for a good fit both around the legs and waist, with a not-so-high cut.

    The Abri's fit well enough but I'm wondering if there is something better to try. I tried a Secure a while back - just one - and I can't remember if it was a Plus or X-Plus. Regardless, it was a medium and I think it fit pretty well. I'm 6' 1" ish and about 155 lbs with a 32" waist. My hip measurement (perhaps more critical?) is a 34".

    Unless y'all have a better recommendation, I think I want to get a pack of the Secure X-Plus. Question is size. Would a small fit properly, or should I stick with medium? I don't like excess plastic material hanging out everywhere (i.e. the wings, etc) and there is a bit of overlap on the Abri X-Plus M's.

    Hope this isn't too much info, just trying to make sure I order what's right. Thanks (a ton!) in advance!!

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    You might consider trying the Dry 24/7 in size mediums. They are almost as absorbent as the Abena X-plus, but I have found that they don't ride up as high on your waist as the abena's do.

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    Hi Jraff, medium for sure. I have a 32" waist as well, and a small size just does not fit anyone bigger than 30". Secure x-pluses are really nice, I'm wearing one right now, on me they come just below my bellybutton. They are really absorbant and I think you will find they are just a little smaller than Abena's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lizzie View Post
    I usually just fold down whatever I think is too high.
    Same here, just neatly fold it on the inside of the diaper. Unfortauntly when I do this abena x-plus mediums, the padding absorbant part rides so high on my tummy I have to fold even prt of that, so I just bought smalls last time, they fit me much more snuggly. But they are noticably and considerably less absorbant than the mediums. :-/

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