Hello everybody,

I have done my introduction almost a year ago. Since then, I moved from Southern to Northern Italy for working in Information Technology.

My English is still poor (I still need a dictionary for writing into and reading this forum).

Now I want to talk about my diaper life. I wear diapers when I can, when I am off work. I don't like the idea of wearing diapers when at work, because I am afraid of other people discovering my fetish.

I love diapers with maximum absorbency. The best I can find in Italy are Tena Slip Maxi. Sometimes I wear more diapers at a time, one within each other, and I drink a lot of water, beer, fruit juice, etc. because I like to pee a lot I make an incision on diapers to wear them one within each other and let the pee flow in the external diaper.

I sometimes like to wear ladies' wears and underwears (expecially pantyhoses and skirts) and I like wetting my diapers when dressed like a girl but I am not gay or bisex - I am just straight.

I sometimes would like to become incontinent, losing all the control of my bladder. But it is very difficult... I don't want to use medicines to become incontinent.

Right now I am writing this post while wearing two very soaked diapers and I feel very good!

Will I share this with a sweet lady? I hope so!!