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    Does anyone on here play Flight Simulator X and would like to play online?


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    Would rather fly a real plane ! Although it is much cheaper on the simulator

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    I used to, way back in the day - I don't have a proper flight stick to play with anymore, but I'm sure I'll get back into it some day - though I'll likely opt for X-Plane, which I've heard and read has long since surpassed FSX. I didn't realize FSX was still so popular, but I guess there are some things about it that are still preferable over its rare competition.

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    I played the original Flight Simulator on my Apple IIe if I remember correctly. Mostly I crashed...sigh.

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    I'd love to have a HOTAS, pedals, multi-monitor display for FSX. Prolly not happening, though . . . .

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    Xplane can link up to an app that you can get for your iPad called Oz runways ( may be a little bit of an over kill) for people that just game on the simulator as oz runways is a proper aviation program that you can see your VFR maps WAC. Charts - all your ERSA maps in one place

    Xplane links in with this program so you fly your plane on the computer and then can see your navigation charts on your iPad - it is a little bit pricey to buy just so you can plot a course on xplane the app is over $ 70 Australian - it's a great program for pilots

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    I've got a copy of FSX somewhere if I can find it install it and you can tell me how to multiplayer it I'll happily co-op, give me a week though ^_^ bit of an old game need to actually dig through my CD archives to find it (posh name for garage )

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    I found 2004 not FSX, sorry I'll see if I can buy a copy when I have the money

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