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Thread: A fair price for a onesie?

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    Default A fair price for a onesie?

    What would be a fair price for a onesie? I was think $25 what do you all say and be reasonable.

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    Going on that most T-shirts are anything from about 10 to 25, and that cuddlz onesies are all about 30... really its more what people are willing to pay...

    I have paid from about 8 upwards to 30, for a onesie.

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    I've paid around $35.00 for solid color onsies and up to $10.00 more for prints.

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    As someone who has a onesie shop, I am highly interested in this answer.

    The plan was to have a base model around $30, and then customers could add on modifications of their choosing. Once we have more items customers can choose packs of items together at a slight discount. My onesies are priced higher than $30, which is not what I was aiming for, but the materials I am using are not cheap enough for me to sell them lower than $50 right now. I was surprised at how hard it is for a small business to find quality fabric with kids prints that has a four way stretch and is less than $10/yard. Most businesses would have to buy that fabric overseas or buy it in HUGE lots.

    I feel that an item that uses quality materials and is well made is worht more than $30....if the onesie what exactly what I wanted and was well made I would pay up to $60 for it.

    As an afterthought, the pricing on the onesie would depend on what kind of features it had. I would pay more for a onesie that was themed like an animal, or had pockets, or a hood, you know? But my above answer is for a fairly simple onesie with printed pattern
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    yes its true to keep my prices low I need to make a few hundred in one design, if you are making custom orders your prices are fair, but I am making a mass product that's one specific way I will be coming up with many things and will keep them as low as I can, I am only trying to make a 15% profit I would rather sell ten things at a fair price then one at a high price.

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    I dont have the ability to do them by the hundred - these are being made out of a home! I plan to get a manufacturer only if I really need to, which has not happened so far. We need to get bigger, I guess, which would make it easier to lower prices. There seem to be plenty of sites that are mass producing them cheaply though, and to me most of them look cheaply made too. I was glad to hear that people are having good experiences with them anyways.

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    you can do custom orders for people that is a very good thing to be able to do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FateDesigns View Post
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	pink onesie.jpg 
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ID:	16944hows $25 to $30 for an embroidered onesie?
    I would totally pay $25-30 for that. 30$ in general seems like a fair price.

    I probably wouldn't spend more then 40$ on one myself, but only because I'm poor and such. Not saying there couldn't be people interested in higher quality stuff that would be worth it.

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