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Thread: Fabine diapers

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    Default Fabine diapers

    What are peoples reviews on Fabine diapers what would be a good price to pay for them in your mind?

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    Send me a carton for free and I'll tell you how much I'll pay for them.

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    wish I could but I can't do that and run a business.

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    Yeah, putting out questions like that isn't going to get your far on a forum, FateDesigns. People are just going to see how low they can get you. You should put up a poll instead.

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    $30 Dollars for how many?
    remember if there are only ten diapers in a bag that comes to $3.00 for each diaper. That is more than I am going to pay. and I want to try them wishh some place did samples

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    Fabines are made by the same company that makes Bambino. They are made to be the same in most instances.

    If you want a diaper that is sold in Germany and want to pay the ridiculous amount of money for shipping, then by all means, go for it.

    Otherwise, you can buy Bambino Belssimos, and have the same thing.

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    they are not the same company, its a high quality diaper, its the most absorbent on the market, they come 8 to a pack I will charge $5 per one sample atm they are $15 on ebay and a pack of Fabine comes 8 per pack so $30 for 8 or a case that is ten packs of 8 and they will be $25 per pack for a case so $250 you will not find them anywhere else for cheaper. I will be based In the US on the east cost.

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    I got a pack just before christmas, they are sure absorbent but they dont fit me well, they may not be exactly the same as bambinos but they have the same kind of shape, rather wide but short and like bambinos they just dont fit well on me, Tena slips seem to be the only nappy that fit me well! also there is something about the material of the top sheet i dont like, somehow it doesn't feel that soft to me and after a while i get quite uncomfy, all itchy and scratchy, so i wont be buying them again!

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    MY Fabine Review:

    Short: they suck.

    Longer version:
    - Bulky beyond believe. I usually wear an Attends M10 Slip Regular for my bedwetting issues... or a Tena Maxi M - both are amazing diapers and more than enough for any serious wetting...
    The Fabine make it difficult to be comfy (think brick between the legs)...
    - Too much SAP - it's a waste .... long before the fabine is saturated to the point where it requires changing, I am dying for a fresh diaper. I just don't feel hygienic if I have to spent 24h in a single diaper just to make good use of it's maximum absorption (and thus offset the price a little bit).
    - Plastic is crap... rips easily, punctures quickly ... splits easily. and feels VERY sweaty (then again I prefer cloth-backed disposables or my as my favorite attends have: all cloth side panels (no plastic) and plastic center section.
    - Tapes suck.
    - Feels "gel" like on the inside - squishy and everything... just yuck... yuck yuck.
    - Price

    Despite the claim that those should help in home-care situation and with severe incontinence I believe that they're are solely designed for AB/DLs with no real "need" for diapers and enjoy all the above which to me is just a long list of drawbacks.

    I'm a bedwetter and have IC issues as well... but the fabine serves me for nothing.
    I like my diapers - yes I do - but I like them to be as comfortable, hygienic and discrete as possible... that also includes frequent changing (simply for hygienic reasons).

    So a -5 rating on a scale from -10 to +10 from me for those horrible diapers.

    at 3.75$ for each of 8 diapers in a pack (or 30$ for the 8 of them) or even at bulk quantities (80 diapers for 250$ = 3.125$/diaper) this is ludicrous by any means. Even if they would be AMAZING (which, again imho they are not).

    Now MOST of the really well established diapers (including Abenas) are ranging between 0.80$ - 1.4$ for each diaper... if bought in a SINGLE PACK... if you buy BULK it gets even better.
    and I don't consider any of them "cheap" by the item they are (something that takes care of my pee and gets thrown away)....

    So business question for you, if you are asking for a price-ball-park:
    How to you JUSTIFY - what is your unique selling point for the FABINE diapers, that makes them more than twice as expensive as the other brands out there?

    as a comparison

    Tena Slip Maxi, 1 diaper= 1.03$
    Pack with 24 diapers = approx. 24.80$

    Attends Slip M10 Speical Care (Regular Plus), 1 diaper = 1.15$
    Pack with 14 diapers = approx. 15.60$

    Attends Slip M10 Regular (my usual diapers for Night-Time), 1 diaper = 0.78$
    Pack with 28 diapers = approx. 21.92$

    Abena M4, 1 diaper = 1.32$
    Pack with 14 diapers = approx. 18.50$

    Unique Welness Briefs, 1 diaper = 1.25$
    Pack with 20 diapers = approx. 25$
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