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Thread: Confortable pacifier??

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    Default Confortable pacifier??

    Cherry nipple or orthodontic?? what is the best for a pacifier?

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    I've never tried a cherry nipple one but I like my orthodontic teat 7 in silicone. I got two of them that I rotate. I got mine from pacifiers r us.

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    It depends on what you actually like... the cherry one is just a round lollipop like shape. The other one is shaped to fit in the mouth on the tongue.

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    The orthodontic one seems more comfortable for me, the cherry one looks like it would fill up my mouth easily, which would be kind of a pain for me personally.

    Besides, I would rather have something that doesn't want me to crave a lollipop in my mouth x.x

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    I recently got myself a Nuk 5, and although i haven't tried any other style, this one is pretty darn great. It fits nicely, and relaxes me so much. I don't think i've slept a night without it since i got it... that's enough proof for me that this one works for me! (:

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    Orthodontic definitely for me. It's just amazing.

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