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Thread: old skool computers

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    Default old skool computers

    A few days ago I picked up a few working old computers, they are a 120mhz Pentium, 233mhz Cyrix 6x86, and a 500mhz Pentium 3 , and the best part they were all free!!!

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    i still have my powermac g3 sitting in the corner i got for trading my friend an extra ps2 i had lying around

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    yeah id like to get an apple 2 and even a G3 just i don't really have any money so...

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    Blah! Want a 386? The oldest I'm still clinging to, gotta have something to run that Win3.1 I overpaid for!


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    I've got a Mac Plus from 1986 in my basement at home. Still works perfectly... it'll boot System 6.something, play solitaire, and run MacWrite all from one 800 KB floppy disk. It's insane how far things have come in a relatively short period of time

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    l33t a c64 and a i386 :-) those would both be awesome to get, but why not also get a TRS-80. I wish I could get one of those.

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    I need an old one so I can feel like I'm playing through Fallout 3 again.

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