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Thread: New ABDL situation - suggestions?

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    Default New ABDL situation - suggestions?

    Hey everyone.
    So a while ago I bought some nappies for the first time (Drynites and Babylove Sleepy Nights) - it was amazing.

    Anyway, that took a lot of courage to go buy them. I had a car so I drove about 45mins away to go to a supermarket to buy them, and hopefully I wouldn't see anyone I know there.

    It was great, they lasted me a while, and just as I was moving back to where I go to university, I crashed my car on the way and totaled it (no one else was hurt, thank goodness). Anyway ... so my parents had to go and pick up all my stuff out of it because I was moving everything I had over to where I'm going to Uni... Anyway I got a bit sidetracked there, but thankfully I had just run out of all my nappies so my parents didn't find any (I was also considering buying other ABDL things, and they would've seen those).

    Now I'm getting to the point ... I haven't had any ABDL things until today, I went out and bought some pacifiers and a baby bottle. I wish I had some diapers though

    So in terms of suggestions, does anyone have any suggestions on the best way I can get nappies, or whether I should get them?

    I'm living in the Halls of Residence (a hostel for the university) this year, so any mail/parcels I get delivered I have to go pick up from the office, and I'll definitely see other residents on the way.

    I figure that ordering diapers would be the best way if I was going to get any - what do you think? Has anyone else ordered nappies while living in a hostel? I was thinking of buying some Cuddlz nappies and other stuff from there, again, any thoughts?

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    Also are pacifiers bad for your teeth?

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    pacifiers can cause your teeth to shift and this may result in pain or sensitivity in the teeth sockets.
    if you want an idea of what it's like, try teeth-chattering or performing teeth-percussion to a couple of your favourite songs.

    i have a ready-made excuse for my having disposable diapers within whatever be my realm, it's simply that i am using them to soak up leaks (works for cars and buildings). "of course", i'd say, "the gel-less kind would really better as they'd allow the moisture to evaporate, meaning that the diaper doesn't get too heavy and fall from place" (for leaky roofs).
    in terms of 'bullshit baffles brain', throwing in a bit of rare technical know-how further ensures bafflement.

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    Luckily I believe most of the diaper sites online that are ABDL friendly have discreet shipping, so there would be no outward description on the box of what it was. When I lived with my mom I got a box of Bambinos. She isnt the type of Mom to ask whats in the box if I don't offer to tell her, so it worked out fine. I think it would be easy to get a box shipped to you with discreet packaging at your dorm.

    I would start with few sample packs! They are cheap and have a variety of diapers so you can figure out what you like

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    Places like Amazon are more often than not discrete as it's all in amazon packaging. You can always try eBay - but I would contact the seller before ordering.

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