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Thread: Is there such a thing?

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    Default Is there such a thing?

    I've been looking around and I find myself wondering, is there such a thing as a mid-range diaper? In terms of price and performance. I usually buy the cheap but better than Depends, CVS day & night briefs because they're insanely cheap, 20 for $8.99 sometimes less on sale. So that's roughly $0.45 per diaper. Not bad. However, most premium diapers that everyone raves about are at least $1.00/diaper up to $2.50/diaper for some. What I want to know is, is there such a thing as a $0.75 diaper in terms of performance? Is there nothing in between super value store brand and online only premium?

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    If you find such a product, that would be interesting, I doubt they exist because the incontinence market isn't one of the ones that will think about their product quality, the normal people that needs them don't have a choice so the company that makes them know that they won't ever receive any complaints, people that needs them are too ashamed to report bad products quality or worse aren't able to talk anymore so they can't report anything. Its a lot different than baby products which parents won't hesitate about complaining if there's a problem with a product on their baby.

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    Things could change if some of us were willing to stake out the aisles of the local cheap-o-mart and wait for people who think the products there are the best they can hope for, and educate them about the quality products that exist. I know, it's quite a leap from being the bashful diaper aisle ninja to becoming an ambassador of the good stuff, but if enough people did this, the 'monopolies' would be stuck with a whole lot of product that refuses to move, and ideally would have their hand forced at competing with premium brands, then they'd at least make an alf-hassed attempt to improve the quality. If the market demands a thin, discrete pull-up style; fair enough, but put some padding in it beyond that narrow little landing strip

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    Premium diapers are generally $1.40+/diaper. I would consider $1.00/diaper to be squarely in mid-range; you can get Abena Extra for around that much and Super for a bit less.

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    you can get the total dry plus for 70 cents a diaper

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    Quote Originally Posted by buddylee View Post
    you can get the total dry plus for 70 cents a diaper
    Which sucks...
    No press out performance. About as helpful as a depends max. There is no sap!

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    Personally I will not pay more than a dollar for a diaper. You need to hunt around for a good diaper that is the right price. Personally I feel Tranquility Slimline and Tranquility ATN are in the higher end class of diaper, and they meet my needs WAY better than the cheep diapers. I can usually find them between 70 and 80 cents per diaper (just hunt around). I have at times found them cheaper.

    Tranquility Incontinence Products...The Home Caring Brand

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    Quote Originally Posted by ForeverSmall View Post
    Which sucks...
    No press out performance. About as helpful as a depends max. There is no sap!
    This is usually the problem with adult diapers, there's no sap in them, so they are usually crappy products, but at same time, they don't want to put sap in adult products because the sap cause the diapers to become extremely thick when they are wet which isn't a good selling argument for products that need to be discreet under clothing at least for the products sold in pharmacy and regular stores. We see some products used in health care and geriatric centers often use sap but they are not the kind of diapers you will find at the local pharmacy or grocery store, they aren't designed to be discreet anymore once you are in this kind of environment the discretion isn't a factor anymore usually, because theses places usually buy in large quantity, the products are generally highly priced for us because we don't buy a whole truck of their products, only a case or more common a pack of them.

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    I use what I consider a midrange diaper the Attends Waistband which costs about $1.00 a day. Also the Attends Breatheable's. I would also put the Tranquillity's and some USA Tenas
    in that catagorie. I find for myself the Attends work for the late afternoon to evening hours for me when my pee times are further apart. I'll wear my premium disposeable's during the
    morning and early afternoon when my pee times and possible accidents are the most active. I'm not looking to staying in the same diaper for 10 to 12 hrs aday. When I start getting
    the feeling I'm wet up my backside it's time for change.

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    Tranquility ATNs are the best midrange 75-80cents and capacity between abena super and extra. ATNs are thin initially but they swell. They have a lot of SAP.

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