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Thread: Gary brand high-waisted pants

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    Default Gary brand high-waisted pants

    bought some Gary high-waisted pants,
    Milky White 007 Very High Waist Pull On PVC Pants - High Waist Pull On - Pull On Plastic Pants - PVC Pants - Shop4Pvc | Quality PVC Pants And Plastic Clothing Shop

    i'd not seen these [the high-waisted] when i bought last few pairs of normal 007s, but a trial purchase confirmed a much better billowiness to affairs.
    the material doesn't feel quite as thick nor as stiff as the normals and i think there be something to that as the leg elastics aren't as tight fitting.
    quick photo comparison:
    Attachment 16930

    don't let the photo fool you, the extra height makes for a significant difference when worn over bulkier diapers.

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    I've been using the LeakMaster high tops for several years now. The plastic is very soft. Do you think these are comparable?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogboy View Post
    I've been using the LeakMaster high tops for several years now. The plastic is very soft. Do you think these are comparable?
    I'm pretty sure the LeakMaster pants are made by Gary (Gary lists AdultClothDiaper as a distributor of their plastic pants). Changing Times sells these pants too, but with the Gary label instead of their own. I use the 4-mil pants which are soft and very thin. They seem to hold up well, though. My current pair has lasted about 18 months and has no rips, holes, or popped seams. The elastic is slightly discolored, though.

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    these are the Leakmaster on Amazon:
    Customer Image Gallery for Leakmaster Deluxe Heavy Duty Adult Pullon Plastic Pants, Medium fits 27-44 in

    you can only really go by the fairly unique way the elastics are stitched in place, but they do look identical.

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