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Thread: I need some comfort, guys ; A;

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    Default I need some comfort, guys ; A;

    I have just made the biggest mistake of the week. Curse Tumblr and it's ability to make me curious!

    So, I just decided to read the manga known as "The Enigma of Amigara Fault", not knowing that it was a horror manga and only knowing a few hilarious looking panels. What I have read has scared me out of my ****ing mind, and I can't shake it.

    So I ask you guys to PLEASE help me take it off my head and upload anything funny, happy or cutesy to take my mind off that...THING!

    (P.S. I advise you not to read it! I can not stress that enough)

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    Black Man Falling - YouTubeHere you go. Its not really a black man as the title suggests -_-, its a cartoon of this short little guy rolling down a hill :P its kinda funny.

    This use to make me laugh endlessly for some reason. Hope it helps lol

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    luckily I haven't read it so far, thanks for the warning.

    atleast something, if you played skyrim:
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    This video always seems to bring a smile to may face, It might do the same for you Jaded (you might wanna turn down your speakers/headset):

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    Now I'm all curious but I don't really have the time to dig for a trauma-inducing manga. It's hard not to think about something that you're thinking about but if you can find something to do, often physical that requires a lot of your attention to do well or at all, that should help. Any sporting activity or even a really hard game you can think of?

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    Two of my favourite things to cheer me up are:

    Butter << Which is very silly.

    Worms in love << Which is very cute.

    I hope they help! c:

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    Look up "super Mario Frustration" on youtube... Its hilarious!

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    Aw, I know the feeling. Certain things just really bother you (I got really disturbed by the first Hunger Games book, when written material doesn't usually affect me). If you're still in need of brain bleach, here's the cutest thing on Youtube:

    Amy Castle - The Original Cuppycake Video - YouTube

    Thanks to everyone for their videos - they made me smile!

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    I know this wasn't your intention, but thanks for the manga recommendation! I'm enjoying it so far--I like freaky things.

    And if you need distraction, there's always I Waste So Much Time.

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