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Thread: Diaperbook?!

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    Default Diaperbook?!

    I have just joined diaperbook and I thought I would ask you guys here at adisc what your thoughts are with it?

    I am looking for new friends and thought that might be a good place to start!

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    Signed up myself just now. Seems like an interesting site to try out.

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    i have been on it for awhile now i fingd it hard to meet people. not saying i havent met some cool people just a lot of fake profiles. but not a bad site in my opinion.

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    I was a memeber there way back, like when it first opened. I found it pretty creepy, they have a thing like poking on facebook except its spank or change your diaper. And i used to get a load of dudes doing it to me, weirded me out a bit considering they werent on my friends list. I havent logged in in ages so im not sure whats its like now, but back then i did not enjoy it

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    with all the pink it seems like it is a girls site, it is not at all. it is mostly guys on there and the games to get boring after a while aka the wet or not game. that and the site has a lot of script flaws and i feel like it tries to crash every time you click something. not my fav site

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    I was on diaperbook for a while, honestly i think you have a better shot on ABDLC , its more active and less fake profiles, the only thing is that its practically all guys, if you have a problem with that. In my experience the website that has allowed me to meet the most people since my extensive search for friends has been Fetlife, but thats an all around fetish site and not specifically meant for ABDL's and the like. Also you have to be 18+ to join its just very "Not-Safe-For-Work"ish kind of site, but i've met a BUNCH of cool people and found events near me that i can go to
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    I was on that site one point in the past. It was too creepy especially with that spanking feature... ugh so I quit after a month.

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    I think its fine, poss some fake profiles but you get that everywhere. I have several friends on diaperbook and some are people I meet from time to time in real life and others who live further away I have had some genuine and good conversations with.

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    I've been on diaperbook for a while and that is how I found people in my area DL's and they are cool to hang out with

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    Quote Originally Posted by tall2826 View Post
    I've been on diaperbook for a while and that is how I found people in my area DL's and they are cool to hang out with
    Same, a very kind local ABDL gave me some molicares for which I am very greatfull, so yes I have found the site very useful.

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