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Thread: Do you still live with your folks?

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    Default Do you still live with your folks?

    SInce I dont know whether or not this could get political or not, I'll play it safe and put it in Mature Topics.

    Does anyone here still live with their folks? With the economy as sluggish as it is and the job market not letting up, it seems like people even out of college still live with their parents. I still do and it sucks cause' it really makes me feel like I'm limited to a LOT.

    So do you?

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    I'm living with my parents for six months. I no longer qualify for student loans (bullshit I don't feel like going through), so I need a place I can stay free while I finish my thesis. I move to New Orleans in the summer for my PhD, so I'll be on me own again soon.

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    Yeah, while I'm at uni. Can't wait to move out when I'm finished though.

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    After college, I moved in with my parents for year and a half. I hate living alone and my parents know that so. Lived upstairs and they lived downstairs and I helped t pay the bills. Limited in some ways but it helped me to save to get ahead in others. This was back in the Caribbean and now I'm in Louisiana... My dad was out of work at the time so
    O I was the only one working, but we budgeted, saved, and with worm prayer got by. That really prepped me for my first year beign married with him working and me having to wait on a green card. Sure, I felt limited sometimes but there are pros and cons to everything

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    Yes, since I can't go to school and work enough to afford a regular place at the same time. I did move in with a friend for six months or so, but things went south after I started school and couldn't work as much.

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    Yes, until August.

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    Thank the various gods NO! But then I'm 53 and own my own fully paid for house. I did however move back in my folks house from age 22 to 33 and saved the money needed to buy my house. Thankfully they retired to Florida when I was 25 and only came north to visit a few weeks a year. They sold their house up here shortly after I got my own.

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    Yes, and it's probably going to be this way for a long time. No money or interest for college, and I can't even get minimum-wage work.

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    Nope. Graduated college two years ago, left last year.

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    Yes, but I am hoping to be moving down to the lower end of the state in order to study for college, with any luck I'll either be bunking with a friend of mine as roommates or I'll be living solo, either way it goes I'll most likely be ending my time here in my parents place by the end of the year.

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