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Thread: Eletrocution

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    Happened once when I was about 10. I unplugged the vacuum cleaner and got some voltage on my hand.

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    I'm an electrician, so yah, I've been hit numerous times by 120vac. But never by 220. From what I hear, 220 feels like you have been hit my a baseball bat.


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    I touched an electric fence at land which, ironically, is owned by my father. We did not put the fence in.

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    First time I got zapped when when I was about 4. I was trying to plug in my radio or lamp, I forget which, and I had my finger in between the plug prongs. It was memorable. I also got zapped by my car. I was timing the distributor and standing in a puddle. I touched the coil by mistake, and it made my hand fly back. It too was memorable!

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    I've gotten shocked a lot.

    Once when I was 11 I was crawling under an electric fence. (Damn thing was to tall to get over.) And I slipped and caught the wire for a good 20sec.

    And about 3 months a got my dad and his friend along with me were setting up electrical fence to keep a cow in and We needed to see if it was on right. (So we tapped it) and got shocked. :/ needless to say we installed the lower volt/amp one after that.

    Then The same fence as when I was 11 me and my friend decide to jump it to get over it. :3 do I need say what happened.

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    When I was about 11 or 12 I put my finger in a lamp that didn't have a blub, problem was the lamp was plugged in so I got alittle juice.

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    Oh Yeah lots, few times from A/C and more times than I can count from D/C.

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    Worst for me as a electric fence I grabed by accadents then got shocked and backed up into another one (made me feel like a idiot)

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    Elecrocution? Means died so no. I've been bit as I like to call it sevral times. A 40,000 volt ignition transformer will make you swear like a sailor but crossing a 480v main you might rember when you wake up, if youre lucky.


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