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    Good Afternoon,

    I had purchased some cheap disposable diapers a few weeks ago from a local Walgreens, and of course they leak. I guess I will get straight to my point and ask what is a good cheap stuffer I can use to eliminate this leaking? All idea are welcome.

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    I like to use older baby diapers that hold a lot more than the ones now in days do and cut slits in the back!

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    I think you maybe have like 4 options:

    1. Use baby diapers as stuffers.
    2. Double Diaper yourself (or triple if they're really that thin/weak)
    3. Buy stuffers from Bambino or AB Universe or you could also go to and they sell all kinds of stuffers for a good price.
    4. Buy booster pads at your local walmart/walgreens/cvs etc. They sell store brand stuffers that arent as good as premium stuffers but get the job done if you arent a heavy wetter :P

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    I use Depends Incontinence Pads for Men to stuff my diapers. However, they're pretty small so I end up using to inside a single diaper. If you can find those, I think they should work adequately enough :/

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