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Thread: Two Dead in Toys 'R' Us Shooting!

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    Default Two Dead in Toys 'R' Us Shooting!

    Two People Dead In Toys "R" Us Shooting, Two Men Armed With Handguns Started Shooting At Each Other In Crowded Calif. Toy Store - CBS News

    Brought to my attention by Incomplete Dude.

    It's absolutely disgusting. It's like the Wal-Mart stampede! Murder at a toy store, over shopping! Crazy what some people will do.

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    DAmn I was betting on it happening at target.<<< Seriously who goes and shoots someone in Toys R us. That would be almost as embarrassing as the guy who shot his GF in The malls most girlish shop last year in my town. << I was at it at the time BTW. To tell to your inmates.

    Seriously Plus little kids go there. Sigh Some people are so dumb. >_> If you want to shoot someone go do it in an adult toy shop so kids will not see it. Kids do not need to be involved in that crap.

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    Yeah, Christmas is like still almost 4 weeks away...still plenty of time to come back and shop again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HypnoToad View Post
    Even crazier what some people won't do.
    One of my Friends(Not really anymore.) Got shot in the ribs and her sister got killed in front of here when she was younger. Another of my friends got shot at for calling someones car gay. (After hearing those two I stop being surprised at what people could do. The later I witnessed.) People do stupid shit. Do not be surprised at what happens.

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    I've been shot at, in front of my church no less! A lot of people aren't worth the powder to blow them up! You don't have to go far to find really crazy people.

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    This is how crazy people get over nothing, like it was the last toy or whatever on earth, I'm glad I don't go shopping except for grocerys.

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