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  • Pakak

    2 6.06%
  • Borialis

    3 9.09%
  • Arctic

    0 0%
  • Atka

    14 42.42%
  • Glacier

    0 0%
  • Klondike

    3 9.09%
  • Oakley

    2 6.06%
  • Nanook

    10 30.30%
  • Tupit

    1 3.03%
  • None of the Above

    5 15.15%
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Thread: Help me pick a name!

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    Default Help me pick a name!

    When it comes down to it, I am the worst when it comes to creating a name for someone or something. In this case my newest Fursona, a Siberian Husky is in need of a name. I have narrowed it down to a few things I like and some that have been suggested. I am also open to suggestions. (pic of my Fursona)

    A little clarification on some of the names that have meanings behind them

    Tupit means tattoo lines on the face
    Pakak means Always getting into stuff
    Nanook means Friendly
    Atka means Guardian Spirit

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    I chose Pakak, but Oakley is my second. I also like Pokak, having the long O sound for the first syllable.

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    Frankly, and I'm only speaking for myself, but I think Atka is a good name to roll with.

    If that doesn't work out (based on the picture) something like Demon? I say that, because after seeing the pic, it looks like a mischievous trouble maker. Just like the alpha husky in Snow Dogs...

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    I'd say go with Nanook. Sounds more like a puppy, don't you think?

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    i also voted for Nanook sounds like a playfull little husky

    arctic or glacier would be good if the fur is plane white

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    I saw this list while searching for russian dog names I thought Sergei, Alexei, or Nanook would be good names

    *Sergey/Sergei*-- Means protector, shephard, attendant, or servant.
    *Ivan/also a super cute nickname is Vanya*-- Russian form of John. Means glorious gift from God.
    Dmitri/various spellings like Dimitri-- Means Earth-lover
    Vladimir-- Means 'has peace'.
    Alexei-- Means 'helper of man'.
    *Maybe Baikal? It's the deepest lake in the world and it's actually in Siberia!*
    *Vladislav*-- Means 'has glory'.
    Markov-- Means 'of Mars. God of war'.
    Luka-- Russian form of Lucas. Means 'light'.
    *Matvey*-- Means 'God's gift'. (I just like the way it sounds, ahah)
    Nikolai-- Victorious, victory of the people, conqueror of the people, variant of Nicholas.
    Yuri/Yury-- Variant of George
    Viktor-- Victor/Victory
    Vladik-- Means 'peaceful' or 'has glory'.
    Eduard-- Means 'rich protector'.
    Marko-- Means same thing as Markov(;
    *Antosha*-- Means 'inestimable'.
    *Lapushka(I've read that it means 'little paw'. Cute for a dog, no?)*
    Adrik-- Means 'dark'.
    Alexsandr/various spellings like Alexander-- Helper of man.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogboy View Post
    I chose Pakak, but Oakley is my second. I also like Pokak, having the long O sound for the first syllable.
    No one can hate on the big O.

    Quote Originally Posted by Vexxus View Post
    I'd say go with Nanook. Sounds more like a puppy, don't you think?
    Nanook/Nanoq, Inuit for polar bear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oateson View Post
    No one can hate on the big O.
    Well said, that man! I liked that comment a lot.

    But back to the topic at hand... I suggest Bowie. you know, David Bowie also has distinctive differently coloured eyes. It also sounds like a nickname that a dog might get from his buddies cause he barks "bow-wow-wow" a lot.

    But as to one from your list?

    I guess being a Siberian Husky is why you have so many choices to do with cold places? Glacier I would avoid as you would for ever be telling people how to say it, glay-sher? or glay-see -err? People might think it would imply you have a cold personality.

    I dunno. A name is such a personal thing... If you told us more about your fursona's personality that might help..

    Nanook seems to mean Master of Bears It seems popular from your list, so does Atka, and both sound good.
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    Atka is the only one of those names that doesn't sound completely typical, and has a great meaning!

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    Atka was my choice as well. Apart from the sound of it, I really like the meaning too! All in all though, you should pick based on what you like, not what we do.


    P.S. Huskies are simply one of the most amazing creatures to ever grace us with their presence. I saw a woman walking one today and thought I would die ... :P

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