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Thread: Doll suggestions?

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    Default Doll suggestions?

    Haven't' seen a thread along these lines... lately I've taken a hankerin' to getting a doll. But thinking it needs to be proportionally large to my adult size. Saw one in a magazine once that appeared to be big, but can't find that ad anymore. Saw this one in Amazon ( Collectible Child Doll, Large Doll, 30" Best Friend Lily Made in Vinyl (Artist: Donna RuBert): Toys & Games) or do a search on "best friend lily". Obviously this one is a bit expensive. Anybody have other suggestions?


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    Nice to meet you, Patty Those are some lovely dolls! I didn't know they made them that big, but I think they'd be tons of fun to play with.

    I don't know much about dolls, but some LGs on here are dedicated fans of them. I say if you want to try one, go for it! Little girls need gifts every now and then, so if you can afford one, why not enjoy yourself?

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    Did you want a soft doll? I'm.. big, an unfortunate reality about myself and I still find a lot a the larger plushies to be engaging and cute. I collect a lot of mainstream stuff, like Lalaloopsy which comes in both plastic and soft variety.. both so cute. They can be pretty large sized too in either form, so maybe they might be something you are looking for? Unless you are looking for something a little more old fashioned and classic looking. Lalaloopsy dolls have a cute ragdoll vibe about them and come in oh so many varieties though, so give them a look. You can often find them in local Target's and Walmart's too.

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    Wow...that doll in the Amazon link is really lifelike, especially the eyes. Sometimes I think about getting a doll or two in that size to pose sitting in the baby strollers and prams I collect. I've seen a couple Horsman playpal size (36") dolls of the 1960s I'd love to have even though the eyes aren't as realistic as that child doll on Amazon. Almost bought one on ebay, the Cindy doll, because she looked so sweet. However, she was damaged around the leg/hip joint. Wasn't until the auction ended I found out there are people who can do those kinds of doll repair and I could have had her fixed like new. Oh well, I know now...


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    Cabbage patch dolls are proportionate, I think. At least for me, I'm short. They're pretty cute, especially the animal ones.

    Maybe a My-Size Barbie, if you like those kinds better.

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    Masterpiece Dolls ( have international artists who create almost-life-size dolls (as tall as 48")in both boy and girl lines. They cost upwards of $300 but are magnificent. You can do an eBay search of Masterpiece dolls and see new and previously-owned ones in many price ranges. I don't know how soft those dolls are, though they are made of vinyl, but they look great. Take a look...

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    OMG, those Masterpiece ones are adorable! To me, the Skye Brunette is the one. Now where do I come up with about $300. Wonder what I can sell on eBay...
    Thank you!!!

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    I grew up with girls that had PlayPal dolls also known as Companion dolls because they almost were literally "life size" for 3-4 year olds. They also fit that size dress, slip and panties not to mention the shoes. I got a knockoff doll from that era for about $75 which was a lot cheaper than the originals. Was worth it. Very cute and she doesn't mind getting diapered when I did

    Mary Beth

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    Hmm, I know that Disney have a new line of dolls that are on the big side, if you like princesses! They're called Disney Animator dolls and in my opinion are very cute, here's a link to them:

    There is also a thing in Japan called Super Dollfies, or BJDs. They range in size, the biggest being about 70cm, and are more for collecting and display, but I have two and sometimes I can't resist playing with them. They can get VERY pricey, around $500, but they're very realistic and some are very adorable. Here's an example of one: . They also take a lot of care and attention, but if you ever wanted to, in good nick you could easily make the money back that you spent, if not a little more.

    I'm sorry if my information wasn't helpful, but good luck on your search! <3

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