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Thread: Ordering Abena, Please Help.

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    Default Ordering Abena, Please Help.

    I want to order some Abenas but I would like a little advice on;
    1) Labeling of packaging, In the UK, probably the same as else where but I don't know, is the packaging discrete? As in no giant signs saying nappies, or Abena or anything.
    2) Sizing, I wear jeans that are 30-32 inches which I made to be 76-81 cm which put me between sizes small and medium, which would fit me better?
    3) Bulk, I will choose either a 2 or 4 or maybe even both depending on how visible they would be under my clothes, obviously the 2 would be less bulky but what are your experiences on the 4's being noticeable?

    Thank you for any advice you can offer

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    Hi BritishBoy

    1) Discrete packaging is normally the case , if you use incontinence choice or dorset nursing there both cheapest and discrete they tend to turn the box inside out or tape over abena and things like that if you order a single case they bag it up and wrap it , no where does it say nappies or anything like that.

    2) i measure a 34 inch waist and i am comfy in a medium as large is huge and small is well small but i would say go for the bigger size.

    3) with abena if you choose M4 they are quite bulky and i wouldn't recommend going out in them , that might just be me as im self concious there more of a home/bedtime nappy for me i use tenas when out and about as they are thin but yet hold alot , i haven't tried the M3 or M2 but i would guess that they would get less absorbant therefore less bulky i have been told that M2 rivals the Tenas i love so i will try that sometime.

    Oh and by the way these nappies are NOT plastic backed any more , they are cloth backed which doesn't affect me but others it does , but its up to you they are a great nappy and i hope you choose them.

    Hope i helped you

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    Thank you so much Deano Thanks is really helpful And I was going to order Direct for Abena but if i can get from somewhere else for cheaper and discretely that fantastic Ah so would that kind of bulk be noticeable? As I do not want the rest of my family to find out :/ I was really looking for a good relatively cheap nappy as Cuddelz nappies didn't blow me away :/ and Cushies and SDK's are too nice to just wear and are really for show. And call me weird but I like cloth backed better! Maybe it's because they are what I remember wearing when I was younger, or because they feel softer but I love cloth backed, not that plastic isn't nice I just prefer cloth.

    Also as a side note/point I wished to raise earlier but forgot about until now is there that oh so lovely yet distinguishable sound with the the Abenas? As while I may like it I do not wish other to hear it :/ So is it noticeable? Once again though thank you

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    Yep indeed order from dorset whole case for 38 plus around 6 in shipping
    M4 - Abri-Form PREMIUM (Medium - Extra Plus) | Abri Form PREMIUM | Adult Diapers / Nappies

    Yes unfortunatly the bulk is noticable.
    cuddlz are only as fun as a play nappy if you catch my drift ?
    i do myself remember cloth when i was growing up thats why its no issue for me aswell

    What sound ? the crinkly sound ? i love that with it now being cloth that is all gone , and the tapes digging in your legs

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    oh dear might have to be the m2's then :/
    I think I might do,
    Yes that crinkly sound, and that shouldn't be a problem then and tapes dig in?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BritishBoy View Post
    Yes that crinkly sound, and that shouldn't be a problem then and tapes dig in?
    The tapes only dig in if you tape it wrong. Generally I can avoid that by taping the bottom tapes with about 2cm of clearance from the bottom edge of the diaper. Keep experimenting with taping patterns until you find something that works well, there are generally two methods to go by.

    The commonly recommended pattern is to tape it so it looks something like this when viewed from the front: |> <| . That method works best if the diaper fits normally or slightly small on you, though the smaller it is, the more parallel the tapes should be. If the diaper fits large on you (which is the case with me and abena mediums, I wear 32 inch waist pants but need a belt to hold them up), then it actually works better to tape it like this when viewed from the front: |< >|. Basically run the top tapes straight across the top, and the bottom tapes along the leg gathers and down underneath as far as they'll go.

    And as far as bulk goes, M4's will make a pair of loose jeans fit differently, but it isn't necessarily noticeable (especially if you wear a shirt that covers your waist, I don't know what the style is nowadays in the UK). M2s will basically be invisible in terms of thickness. Though also keep in mind that jeans that are wet and smell like pee are a whole lot more noticeable than jeans that are slightly bulky :P

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    Thank you I've never really been too sure how to properly tape them up, And I think I've got it now (its more obvious with only one tape :P )

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