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Thread: keeping a diaper UP

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    Default keeping a diaper UP

    when i sleep my diapers tend to sag a little and dont stay tapes tight.. i was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how i can keep a diaper up....

    i dont have the money for a sleeper right now... so right now thats not a option....

    anyideas guys and gals

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    Wear pajama pants or sweatpants -- something with elastic in the waistband. I find that helps.

    Though, I recently got an "abena bodystocking" which is basically a spandex onesie, that works wonders. You might look into that when you get some cash.

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    I typically use (quality) masking tape on plastic-backed diapers, or occasionally even duct tape. Then again I'm not the type that cares a whole lot about how my diapers look.


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    Quote Originally Posted by chevre View Post
    Though, I recently got an "abena bodystocking" which is basically a spandex onesie, that works wonders. You might look into that when you get some cash.
    I would absolutely recommend the abena bodystocking. I have one myself and it works wonders. If that's not an option for you then do what valerye said, wear underwear over them. If you don't have something to compress it a little bit, it will loosen up during the night, it's bound to happen. For underwear though, make sure that you wear something like briefs or boxer-briefs. You might also consider trying wearing spandex shorts like cycling shorts or even under armor if you happen to have them, they will do the trick for you.

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    if they're tabbed/taped diapers then try working from the botom (legs) to the waist to get a really secure fit. if that doesn't work then go with the underwear option.

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    You could also buy plastic pants. They would also help with leaks, and be very babyish.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valerye View Post
    Wear underwear over them.
    Stole the words right out of my mouth!

    I usually wear normal PJs to bed, so I guess it has less to lift the tabs. Lately I only I only wip out the sleeper when my roommate's not around, because it would be really awkward to explain to her if she or her friends saw me at night for whatever reason. I sometimes wear shorts even. Anything to go over top that is close enough to you to keep the tabs from being brushed and pulled up.

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    Duct tape is your freind, without duct tape I wouln't be able to keep my wally world diapers closed.

    What would be good if you have them, and older small pair of longunderwear if you wore them in the past, or a unionsuit works great, I use one in the summer for pajamas.

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