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Thread: Plants easy to take care of?

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    Question Plants easy to take care of?

    With spring finally seeming like spring, i was curious as to what sort of plants would be good to grow indoors. I have an aloe plant and a bamboo plant that are both thriving, and i want to take on another kind of small inside potted plant. Does anybody have any ideas? Or even better, personal experience with simple house plants? Any suggestions are welcome!(:

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    Cactus plants are pretty easy to care for and can be grown indoors near a sunny window or patio door. Spider plants are also fairly easy to care for as a potted plant, although not as compact as an Aloe.


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    I had a Crassula, which I thought looked quite nice -- I think I watered it every few days. It was quite forgiving of not being watered, but it didn't like over-watering.

    Orchids are pretty easy to care for (just a 25 or 50ml shot of water once or twice a week -- basically leave the soil to dry out completely then chuck in a shot of water).

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    Also.. does anybody know anything about air plants? I've read those can be super easy to take care of as well..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wishbones View Post
    Also.. does anybody know anything about air plants? I've read those can be super easy to take care of as well..
    My son got one from somewhere and brought it home. We had it in a soil less pot for the longest time and it always was green. It didn't really grow any that we could notice. Definitely the easiest to care for - no water, no dirt, and no fertilizer...just air!


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    I planted some chives last week and gave them a little water and set them on the windowsill, they're starting to grow now. I chose chives because I think they look cool, and they are a delicious addition to a meal or soup :p


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    A Jade Plant (Crassula ovata) can be very easy to care for being a succulent, they propagate extremely well from cuttings, literally a guarantee. Also corn trees (dracaena fragrans) thrive on abuse or just about any variety of dracaena will do. Orchids can be finicky, too much light and they're dead, too much water and they're dead not enough humidity and they won't grow. Also there are many plants people regard as annuals that are actually perennial, that will continuously grow indoors because the frost never kills them inside, give some a try to see what works, I've found Vinca to be a good example of this.

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    I got to go to the local garden center, and i ended up getting a few things. I'll share pictures of my new plants (and my old aloes!) just because who doesn't like some visual aid.(:

    I got an African violet to plant in my little yellow teacup, which is the plant that causes me the most worry. However, i hope i'll be able to keep it alive.

    I'm not sure what the name of the second plant i got is, but it's quite leafy and looks alive, so that's good enough for me!

    My two pots of aloe are also very alive and friendly looking, so yay.

    And lastly, i got a few plants to go in an old coffee pot i bought at a tag sale, to make a terrarium! I think it's my favourite new addition to my window, because it's just so darned cute.

    Thank you for all the plant advice and suggestions!

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