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Thread: Nintendo and their blue ocean ways.

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    Default Nintendo and their blue ocean ways.

    I'm a big nintendo fan and I always will til the day I die. I have always loved the games they make and because of that I tend to keep up with their methods of conducting business.

    It seems that the big N has been making some rather interesting decisions lately, such as passing up on big announcements at E3, which I'm fine with even if the announcements will lose the big show flair we all loved from the event.

    Just yesterday when I went to buy Monster Hunter 3 for my 3ds(I'm new to the series and i can already tell im gonna love it!!!) I learned something pretty interesting that I wanted to share. It seems that Nintendo has chosen to only produce an initial batch of physical copies of brand new releases, and then cease production and shipping to retailers such as target, wal-mart, GameStop. This means that for the customers that miss out on their copy will have to go on their device and download it from nintendos E-shop service.

    Now, i understand that some individuals might have a problem with not having a physical, tangible copy of their purchase. I agree that I like getting an object when I pay, but to be honest I like being able to change up games with out having to look for the cartridge/disc I intend to use.

    I wanted to share this and see what my fellow gamers have to say. What do you think about a future where all games MUST be downloaded to play? Is nintendo wrong for wanting to cut the middle man out? How long until this becomes standard with all consoles?

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    Monster Hunter is Capcom. It's Capcom's decision to stop re-printing the game in physhical copies. Just as they've always done with The Phoenix Wright games on the DS.

    Anyhow, gaming is moving too digital only games and after the next console generation I think all games will be purely digital downloads.

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    With steam becoming a big deal, and It may seem the PS4 is very much built towards downloading games, this does seem to be the current trend.

    Some have hypothesised that this can't last forever, since game file size are growing faster than internet speeds, but at least in the short term, digital downloads is the current trend.

    I'm honestly not too bothered, but I do enjoy owning games physically, but it doesn't make much difference to me.

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    While I understand it is cost effective, I figured if Nintendo wanted to do something digitally, they would make a touch screen kiosk where you tap on the game you want, pay for it, and a game comes out. I know, it sounds a lot like a vending drink machine. I'm a bit saddened Nintendo's deciding to do this digital thing as well....first we lose the cartidges to discs now we're losing discs to these "magical" files....what irony. One word can describe this: failure.

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