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Thread: Ordering Samples from Bambino

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    Default Ordering Samples from Bambino

    So all the threads I've seen on this so far were fairly old, and I was hoping to get some updated information.

    Say I order the Bellissimo sample pack from Bambino. The website says it comes in a plain envelope from USPS, but just how big is the envelope? Does it fit inside a standard mailbox?

    This is my first time ordering, so I'm very nervous and want to have all of my bases covered. I'd appreciate anybodies input!

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    The package is just big enought for the contents. I don't know what the size of a standard mailbox is, but I can tell u that the package is about 10x6x3 inches. And yes the package is plain, no one will know what's inside from looking on the outside.

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    Got a sample pack a week ago. Came in plain brown box and the only label on it was the UPS ground label.

    It was from:


    Not to freak anybody out but if you google the phone number....

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    nobody is going to care enough to research that. You have to figure they deliver thousands of packages and simply put...aint nobody got time for dat.

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    Mine was in a plain brown box with that label too. Definitely not an attention getter.

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    I ordered a few different samples a month or two ago, they were too big for my mailbox, so I had to pick them up at the post office.

    Came in a plain bubble mailer, nothing suspicious or noteworthy about it aside from the fact it was a bit fluffy.

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    I finally got the courage to order, and they arrived three days after order! It came in a large white envelope with the label just as Got1 stated above. And it did fit in my mailbox, yay! Very discreet discreet, too, thank you everyone for your input and helping me get the gumption to go through with it!

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