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Thread: How old were you when you first realized you enjoyed diapers?

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    Default How old were you when you first realized you enjoyed diapers?

    I think everyone has an interesting coming out story on when they realized this was something they enjoyed. For me it was when I was little but I don't remember an exact age. It was just always something I found interesting and later... stimulating. As an adult I realized how fun being a Mommy can be and it grew from there.

    How about you?

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    I think for me it sort of stemmed out at like 10ish but maybe earlier, the AB realization wasnt really until later like maybe a decade-ish later and I am just now sort of exploring it more.

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    My fetish developed when I was around 4 years old. Around the age of 12 or so I began experimenting with wetting sanitary napkins. Just recently though have a developed an interest in actually wearing diapers.

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    I'd say probably as long as I can actually remember things. One of the biggest memories I have is the Rugrats Episode, "Angelica's Birthday" and I couldn't stop thinking about. As a little kid of only like 6 or 7 I was excited by the thoughts but didn't know what they were or meant. I always just had a strange attraction to diapers until I discovered these forums and then it wasn't AS strange as I thought. (Pretty typical stuff)

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    I think I got into diapers at a pretty early age. I was about 6-7 years old when, and I found myself spending time around my little cousin who was still in diapers. Seeing her like that, I remember thinking back to what it was like to wear them, and was naturally curious. With no-one around, I "attempted" to slip on one diaper, and just loved it.

    From then on, I had flashbacks to that moment and it lingered in the back of my head. As I became older, it started to manifest and I just came to accept that I like diapers; plain and simple

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    When I was 8 I stole a nappy from my cousins room when he was 3 and put it on in the bathroom and wore it till I got home, then when I was 12 I started really wanting to wear nappies again so would save up pocket money for a bag of pampers nappies

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    I realize now after looking at some old photos, that I was in diapers until at least age 4. That's pretty late by most all standards. I remember shortly after I was potty-trained I looked in all of my parents cabinets searching for leftover diapers to wear. So as far as I can tell, as long as I've been out of diapers, I've wanted to be in diapers.

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    mine was originally before age 2 because I was being forced into potty training against my will
    then when I was 13 started buying adult diapers, but I never wanted to stop wearing from the time i was a toddler.

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    I've pretty much always had a fascination for diapers, though how strongly that interest expressed itself certainly grew over time. When I was younger, I simply thought it silly, kind of funny almost, and didn't know there might be any connotations beyond that. One time a friend and I were playing together, and we borrowed a couple of my younger sibling's diapers and tried to put them on over our underwear to have a good laugh about it. Mine barely fit, and I remember distinctly thinking "There are bigger sizes. Maybe I'll have to try to get one some day, just to see what it's like."

    Later, my dad had an over-the-hill party, and one of his friends gave him a pullup just to be silly. My dad, off-handedly and surely not knowing the full consequence of his action, gave it to me. I'm not sure why; I might have asked, but he never seemed to question it even though he's pretty conservative when it comes to things like that. I began wearing it nightly, for some reason surely convinced I was going to wet the bed and that I needed it, though I hadn't wet in years. Well, I never did, and eventually, my brother, who I shared the room with, ousted the pullup, and I returned to normal life for a couple of years. Until we began to take care of my grandma, who had adult diapers, and then everything began again...

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    i think itbwas at about 11

    we had an old dog which needed diapers
    at one day i was thinking about how it would feel wearing a diaper
    at this point i was addicted

    the ab section started at about 24 when i saw a friend with a pacifer and also wanted to have one

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